The notorious nature of digital currency owing to its volatility is what attracts many investors to this market. Young in its perspective and applications, numerous innovative solutions and technological advancements in the field create magnetism for investments here. However, amateur participants and limited market size make it vulnerable to even slight manipulations and rearrangements. 

Several apps, software, and websites help in making robust market analyses to aid the investors. These platforms, like Bitcoin Up, conduct intensive market behavior observation and consequent analysis to create a non-chaotic space. However, it is equally essential to understand the rationale behind the unpredictable nature of digital currencies.


Young and evolving market


The status of digital currencies is very limited in its expanse, owing to a small market section. However, the addition of new currencies and the upcoming of industries that accept cryptocurrencies for their transactions is expanding the sphere of influence for these markets. Nevertheless, digital currencies are increasingly gaining the trust of investors with technological advancements. While on one hand, this is beneficial for its growth, this magnetizes a swarm of participants in the market, altering its dynamics even further. Moreover, digital currency is not backed by any physical asset, it is less likely to be affected by physical factors- currency fluctuations, supply shortage, or jurisdiction issues. The digital currency market is solely driven by the fundamentals of supply and demand, an extremely digital format. Thus, sudden switches could trigger plummeting or skyrocketing events.


Highly speculative nature


The digital currency market is very less explored by the majority of investors, creating an atmosphere of speculations and beliefs. The assumption-based trading impacts the currency prices in a major way. Media stories and posts overshadow the real-time trends and news, blending into the realm, and creating an illusive and anticipatory environment for investment. In other words, the technologically advanced world could create a conjecture-driven biased digital currency market.


Unregulated business


The concept of cryptocurrency was based on the underlying principle of decentralization. Therefore, the investors tend to go overboard to change the market dynamics at will. This prevents corporate bodies and institutions to invest in crypto markets that are vulnerable to manipulations.


Diverse investor profile


Crypto markets are open to every kind of investor. Given its green perception, investors ranging from beginners to seasoned in their profile of the investment. Further, the non-requirement of trading license or even KYC magnetizes any kind of trader with a stable internet connection and backing funds to start trading over the blockchain. Trading cryptocurrency is no rocket science, requires no prior knowledge, and is very simple to sign up for. This makes it accessible to almost everyone who wishes to try their venture. This makes the market quite prone to illusion-based or even panic-driven trading.




As a trader or someone who is interested in trading over the crypto sphere, you should be aware of the determining factors of the market prices. Though the overall price of cryptocurrency has increased over the years, the fluctuations have been painful for many. The sporadic behavior that the world had witnessed over the past decade pertaining to coin prices is likely to persist until it becomes regulated for good.