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New Research Outlines What Our Offices Need To Do To Survive Post-COVID

80% of us want to get back to the office, according to a new report from Dale Office Interiors, but only if they become more than just “places to work”. The research, which surveyed the opinions of UK employees and HR professionals, uncovered an enormous disconnect between what we believe offices should do, and the […]

From Then To Now: The Permanent Changes To Consumer Behaviour Amid COVID-19

Global eCommerce platform Kooomo advises retailers to optimise their online presence in response to changing consumer demands. The ongoing pandemic is having a profound impact on consumer behaviour, now and forever. As shoppers get to grips with the new normal, discretionary spending is declining, expectations are changing and eCommerce continues to surge. In light of […]

World Mental Health Day: Businesses Could Face A Mental Health Storm This Winter

Despite relaxed lockdown restrictions, businesses are urged to continue their focus on keeping teams motivated and productive in the face of uncertainty. According to recent data by the ONS, 69% of adults in the UK say that coronavirus is having a negative effect on their life. 63% are worrying about the future, 56% are feeling […]

Winning Isn’t Working Anymore – It’s Time To Redefine Success

International Diplomat and Olympic Medallist: Why we can all do better than first place ‘It’s all about results!’ ‘Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing!’ ‘Don’t be a loser!’ These phrases resound from the playground to the boardroom. But our laser-like focus on results is a fallacy. Athletes win gold and still feel empty and unfulfilled; […]

Degree or No-Degree: To Be a Successful Leader

Although accessing the information on any subject imaginable is now as easy as taking out a smartphone from a pocket, most people still believe that you need a college degree to become successful. Despite the rising costs of education, which causes young Americans to be in debt right from the start, many people simply don’t […]

The Future Of Digital: DigitalWeek.Online Most Ambitious Program With 10 Governments, 200+ Speakers Comes In October

Building on the success of the first global gathering in May 2020, which attracted 170 top-level speakers, Digital Week Online will be expanding this global event to Governments, innovators and entrepreneurs on 12th-16th October with the focus on keeping the digital world united – changing the future Online for everyone. Given the current crisis and […]

TNC IT Group New Blockchain Network Promises To Hit 300K TPS

TNC IT Group has engineered a new blockchain network with the capacity to hit 300K transaction-per-second (TPS), offering enhanced speed performance to support TNC’s entire ecosystem. TNC IT Group’s mainnet is now on its final stage of migration testing. The group believes that these milestones and technical advancements will be fundamental to TNC Coin’s price surge. […]

How to Effectively Repurpose Old Digital Marketing Content

The concept of digital marketing is not exactly a new one. Indeed, thousands of companies have employed some form of an online marketing strategy over the past five-plus years. As a result, there are millions of pieces of old marketing content –– blogs, landing pages, social media posts (etc.) –– that professionals may not have […]

5G And LTE To Help Businesses Boost Their Wireless Capabilities

New report finds 78% of companies use or plan to use LTE to provide WAN or internet connectivity; 82% believe 5G will deliver increased WAN speeds within the next year Cradlepoint, a cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions, today released findings from its annual State of Wireless WAN Report, compiled by IDG. The results confirm that the era of Wireless WAN has […]

Society 5.0 – Dinis Guarda Interviews Naokazu Takemoto, Minister of State for Science / Technology of Japan For citiesabc YouTube Podcast

  Dinis Guarda’s YouTube citiesabc interview series features the Minister of State Naokazu Takemoto, for Japan’s Science and Technology Policy. Dinis Guarda’s detailed conversation with the Minister, a veteran political leader, touched on key questions both concerning his background, career and political positions within the Japanese government, as well as highlighting Japan’s technology advancements, including […]

Ford Experiments with Four-Legged Robots, to Scout Factories, Saving Time, Money

Ford is tapping four-legged robots at its Van Dyke Transmission Plant in early August to laser scan the plant, helping engineers update the original computer-aided design which is used when we are getting ready to retool our plants. These robots can be deployed into tough-to-reach areas within the plant to scan the area with laser […]

Getting Underrepresented into Law

Following a competitive tender process, PRIME has commissioned MyKindaFuture, the overlooked talent specialist, to deliver a series of digital workshops for students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds across the UK this autumn. This follows a successful pilot that PRIME undertook last year, involving member firms Brodies, DWF, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Pinsent Masons, along with support from […]

The Future Of Digital: DigitalWeek.Online Most Ambitious Program With 10 Governments, 200+ Speakers Comes In October

Building on the success of the first global gathering in May 2020, which attracted 170 top-level speakers, Digital Week Online will be expanding this global event to Governments, innovators and entrepreneurs on 12th-16th October with the focus on keeping the digital world united – changing the future Online for everyone. Given the current crisis and […]

IAITAM Virtual Conference Raises $15.6 Million To Support COVID-19 Relief Charities

The International Association of IT Asset Managers hosts a virtual conference where members and annual conference attendees donate to local/national charities The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) has hosted their global Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) and those registering for the virtual conference were encouraged to donate to a COVID-19 relief charity of […]

UK Fintech Exporter ICC Solutions Pens Deal To Make Card Payments Safer In The US

· ICC Solutions has secured a deal with a major US acquiring bank, seeing its turnover increase by a third over the next 5 years · The Fintech exporter which helps businesses implement secure payments such as Chip & PIN, contactless and mobile phone · The UK fintech sector is estimated to be worth around […]

How Much Do Bot Farms Really Cost Your Business?

PPC fraud costs businesses a lot of money per year. By some estimates, businesses are losing up to 20% of their advertising budgets to bot farms. But what are these bots, and how do they cost businesses so much money? Bots: An Overview Bots are automated programs that are used to perform tasks at a […]

How to Incorporate Fun into the Workplace

Creating an attractive workplace culture is essential to the satisfaction of employees. Often, the culture within an office can be stifling, uncreative and discourage open and less formal communication between colleagues. As we spend most of our working lives with the people surrounding us in a work environment, it is important to create some form […]

3 Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

The market has never been more competitive for businesses in all industries. And with consumers shopping around to find the best deals, it’s crucial to secure customer loyalty in order to keep them coming back time and time again. Building this kind of customer base relies on your existing patrons buying into your brand as […]

5 Benefits of Hiring a Project Manager Consultant

Moving a project forward can be an arduous task, especially for small businesses and start-ups with limited resources. Often, the team is juggling project-specific tasks with other important roles and responsibilities. The burden of moving the project forward rests on the entire team, or one leader who takes charge. The key to successfully completing a […]

How to Increase Sales and Revenue Using CRM Software

The basic priority of any business is how to generate more sales and ultimately increase revenue. However, as the business environment gets more saturated, with an increasing number of suppliers chasing after a limited demand base, trying to make more sales becomes a lot more difficult. It is due to this challenge that necessitated the […]

How Businesses Can Avoid Becoming Irrelevant In A Changing World

The business world has produced a veritable graveyard of once magnificently successful companies that came, conquered and thrived – but ultimately perished. In many cases, those businesses share a common reason for their demise: Times changed. They didn’t. “I’ve always been fond of the saying that if you don’t like change, you’re going to like […]

Three Quarters Of UK SMEs Think Innovation Is Important For Recovery From COVID-19

· 85% of UK SMEs consider innovation an important part of Covid-19 recovery, yet less than a fifth (15%) strongly agree the Government is doing enough to support it · Nearly a quarter (22%) of respondents have never claimed R&D tax credits, despite being aware they exist · One fifth of SMEs said they had […]

5 Ways to Market Your Business During COVID-19

If you’re like most businesses, chances are you’ve experienced some hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to data from Ubersuggest, organic traffic was down in nearly every industry at the height of COVID (organic traffic refers to traffic that doesn’t come from paid ads). This is just one insightful statistic that illustrates a much […]

In-memory Data Grid vs. Redis: For Better Data Governance

In today’s data-driven economy, businesses run the risk of losing out to the competition when they fall short of getting the best data processing solution. Depending on the type of business, companies’ computing requirements may vary, but there’s one thing that all businesses have in common—the need for fast and powerful data processing. Real-time data […]

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