Marketing: Addressable Advertising Boom Across All Regions And Platforms

Addressable TV advertising will leap from $15.6 billion in total worldwide revenue in 2019 to almost six times that value at $85.5 billion by 2025. This reflects advertising dollars switching to addressable as the platforms mature and better understood by the advertising community. This is the principal finding of the latest Rethink TV report, Addressable […]

How to Save Money on Your Business Expenses

Running your own business can be incredibly expensive. Even if you have just a small home business and you are the only employee, your outgoings might be more than you could imagine. If this is a concern of yours, here are some ways you could save money on your business expenses. Change Your Insurance Business […]

YouTube: Top Earning Digital Marketing Channels

Since 2005, YouTube has developed into the second largest search engine with 1.9 billion users logging in every month. As such, it is no wonder a vast majority of businesses use it as a platform to show their products, engage with clients, or demonstrate expertise, etc. And Reboot Digital Marketing Agency has decided to look closely at […]

35th Kyoto Prize: Laureates Awarded For Their Lifetime Achievements In Science And Culture

On the 35th Kyoto Prize, chemist Dr. Ching W. Tang, astrophysicist Dr. James Gunn, and founder of Théâtre du Soleil Ariane Mnouchkine received the award in the categories of “Advanced Technology”, “Basic Sciences” and “Arts and Philosophy” in the ancient Japanese imperial capital. This prize is considered one of the most important international awards for the […]

Premier League Fans To Spend £1.3bn To Support Their Club This Season, Up 31% Since 2014/15

Premier League match-going fans will have to shell out £1.3 billion this season to follow their teams – as increases in the price of home tickets, TV subscriptions and merchandise hit their wallets. The eToro Fan Financial Statement, research carried out by multi-asset investment platform eToro in association with KPMG Football Benchmark, provides a comprehensive […]

Purple Tuesday: Online Retailers Urged To Improve Website Accessibility For All Abilities

Web design experts are calling for online retailers to improve their website accessibility, as customer experience for disabled people still lags behind progress made in physical stores. The accessibility onus has now shifted to the online retail sector, following efforts from high street retailers, such as introducing a weekly “quiet hour” to provide a welcoming […]

Culture Fix: The Game-Changing Playbook To Transform Workplace Culture And Boost Productivity

While a positive company culture can lead to higher productivity, sales and fewer absences at work, a poor one can lead to bullying, harassment and reduce overall productivity. Culture has a value, it is the key to success for every organisation. New book Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work shows how this culture […]

UK Engineering Companies Are Potentially Missing Out On £10 Billion Of R&D Funding Each Year

Engineering companies in the UK are potentially missing out on over £10 billion of R&D funding each year, new research has revealed. The study, commissioned by innovation specialists MPA for Advanced Engineering 2019, found that one in five (21%) innovation active engineering firms are not taking advantage of the government’s R&D Tax Credit scheme, which […]

Revealed: UK Businesses Are Unprepared When It Comes To Protecting Against Cyber-Attacks

UK businesses are unaware and unprepared when it comes to protecting themselves against cyber-attacks. That is what a new research of IT employees working in UK companies has revealed, with 43% of those surveyed saying that they don’t know how to defend their company from a security breach. Used as an umbrella term, ‘cyber attack’ […]

Top 5 Ways To Weather A PR Storm

In recent years, Pepsi and Nike are good examples of when things can go wrong on a global scale – and it’s then that your PR machine needs to step into action. However, controversy can in fact be good for a brand – think of all those delicious column inches and online exposure. In fact, […]

Innovator Visas – Debunking The Myth

By Ina Iteva, solicitor at Gherson Solicitors In a turbulent Brexit reality, immigration is a sizzling topic. The already mindboggling array of UK immigration rules, regulations and legislation continue to enjoy special attention from Parliament and to endure a succession of (some might say traumatic) changes to set the ground for the fabled new immigration […]

Deloitte’s Annual Report Insigths: Almost Half Of Companies Value Success Factors Beyond Profit

More companies than ever are setting out their company purpose in their annual report, according to new analysis from Deloitte. Deloitte’s Annual Report Insights, which analyses 100 year-end reports across the FTSE, found that almost half (46%) set out values beyond making profit for shareholders, up from 32% in 2018. These companies describe their purpose as […]

10.5 Million Middle-Tier Workers At Risk As Automation Takes Over In UK

Up to 30% of jobs (10.5 million) in the UK are considered ‘highly automatable’ and therefore at risk to change, with professionals not possessing the skills to accommodate the AI revolution. By 2020, approximately 75 million jobs would have been displaced across the globe as a result of the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Mid-skill […]

Team UK At FIRST Global Challenge in Dubai: “Tech innovation is the real issue in the UK”

The short-term political future of the UK may be uncertain, but its long-term technological future looks bright, if the UK team’s entry into the FIRST Global Challenge 2019 in Dubai is anything to go by. “It’s tense, it’s real tense, especially because we’re due to travel on January 2020 – Brexit deadline day,” says 16-year-old […]

2019 Business Loan Trends to Consider

Trends are everywhere. It might feel like there are aspects of our lives which are unaffected by market changes but there are actually countless places where we see trends without realising it. This applies even to areas of our lives like the business loans we might take out to help our company. Here are some […]

Deloitte’s Annual Report Insigths: Almost Half Of Companies Value Success Factors Beyond Profit

More companies than ever are setting out their company purpose in their annual report, according to new analysis from Deloitte. Deloitte’s Annual Report Insights, which analyses 100 year-end reports across the FTSE, found that almost half (46%) set out values beyond making profit for shareholders, up from 32% in 2018. These companies describe their purpose as […]

For The Greater Good: Koin Rewards & Fidel Bring Ethical Rewards For Meaningful Behaviours

Ethical rewards platform enables merchants to reward customers for sustainable shopping using Fidel’s card linking API Having just announced their Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, Koin Rewards, the ethical rewards platform built on the blockchain, reveals that it has partnered with card linking API Fidel to build a responsible and sustainable rewards programme for shoppers. Koin Rewards […]

How FinTech Can Help Financial Inclusion In West Africa Mauritania

In Mauritania, in West Africa, access to basic financial services isn’t easy at all, and approximately 70% of the total population of 4.3 million (approx) don’t even have a basic current account. However, the current government is really keen to improve the financial inclusion of their citizens. And FinTech companies, as a matter of fact, […]

The National Cost Of ‘Binertia’ Or Why UK Businesses Throw Away Billions By Stockpiling Rubbish

164,000 houses’ worth of space are being wasted by people storing rubbish and old junk Cost to UK SMEs alone of storing junk could be as high as £34 billion per annum nationally in wasted rent Homes and businesses across the UK are storing rubbish and old junk that is wasting space, rent and rates, […]

UK Government To Establish A New Business Finance Council To Support SMEs Through Brexit

Government ministers have met to set out plans for a new Business Finance Council to be established to support SMEs through Brexit. Business, Treasury and Cabinet Office ministers met banking chiefs to encourage support for small businesses post-Brexit through an increased availability of finance. The aim of this initiative is to give SMEs the best chance possible to […]

The EDGE Network Aims To Conquer The Cloud Computing And IoT Markets Thanks To Its More Cost Effective And Fast Tech

The EDGE network has officially launched as it becomes a first mover in the emergence of edge computing. Designed to be a more cost effective and faster replacement to the cloud, edge computing is expected to address the proliferation of data and connected devices over the coming years, with estimates put at 29 billion connected devices […]

Revealed: Leading Organisations To Double The Number Of AI And ML Projects In Place

Organisations that are working with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) have, on average, four AI/ML projects in place, according to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc. Of all respondents, 59% said that they have AI deployed today. The Gartner “AI and ML Development Strategies” study was conducted via an online survey in December […]

How Can Big Data Analytics Benefit Your Sales?

The entrance of distributed computing and parallel processing has caused a revolutionary paradigm shift in the marketing industry. This has been achieved by incorporating data analytics and integration of this data to enable huge profit margins. Data can now be deduced, patterns detected and predictions made; in essence, businesses can anticipate the customers’ needs, concerns […]

13% Of Companies Could Lose Potential Customers Due To A Slow Mobile Loading Speed

Mobile phones have become a part of us in recent years, being glued to our hands most of the time. Indeed, when it comes to e-commerce, data from Internet Retailer shows that 66% of it takes place on smartphones. Furthermore, Quicksprout discovered that 51% of mobile users looking to do a mobile purchase are more […]

Telecom Sector Disruption: TOMIA’s New Blockchain Solution Will Be Powered By Microsoft Azure

Blockchain is one of the main disruptive technologies. It can be applied as back-end solution into many different sectors to radically change it, normally for the better. And in that context, TOMIA, an end-to-end platform for maximizing margins from roaming and interconnect, just announced a new optimized blockchain based solution to the telecoms market. This […]

‘Europe’s Most Advanced’ Quantum Computing Software Developer Riverlane Secures £3.25m Funding

Europe’s most advanced quantum computing software developer, Riverlane, has raised £3.25m in seed funding, led by venture capital investors Cambridge Innovation Capital and Amadeus Capital Partners, with the participation of Cambridge Enterprise. Riverlane is building a simulation engine for microscopic systems to replace expensive laboratory tests with computer simulation. Riverlane’s software leverages the capabilities of the […]

4 Steps To Take Small Businesses From Local To Global

There are 195 countries in the world. That means 194 opportunities for expansion. Even if you are running a small business, you should consider making it global. Remember, it’s not the big that eat the small – it’s the fast that eat the slow. Here are four steps for successful global growth. Step 1 – […]

One In Four Of UK SMEs Would Close Immediately After Losing A Key Person

More than one in four (26%) small businesses in the UK would have to immediately close if a key person died or became critically ill, according to the latest iteration of Legal & General’s research on the business protection market. The FTSE 100 financial services company’s State of Nation’s SMEs report found that 15% of […]

5G Tech To Boost UK Economy By Up To £15.7BN

A new Barclays report reveals that the introduction of a 5G mobile telecommunications network could increase annual UK business revenues by up to £15.7bn by 2025 The sectors set to see the highest revenue growth are distribution (£3.6bn), manufacturing (£2bn), professional services (£1.1bn) and business services (£1bn) New research from Barclays Corporate Banking shows that […]

‘45% Increase’: Demand For UK Tech Visas Booms

India and US among countries with the highest number of incoming applicants in Software Development, AI & Machine Learning, Fintech, and Enterprise/Cloud sectors Fifth consecutive year of year-on-year growth in the numbers of applications for the Tech Nation Visa as the UK tech sector continues to attract exceptional talent worldwide 44% of Tier 1 Exceptional […]

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