The Youpreneur Summit Lands In London To Help Entrepreneurs Build A Future-proof Business

Chris Ducker, best-selling author, leading business mentor, and Founder of the UK’s leading digital education company, will be leading a 3-day conference in London for digital entrepreneurs from 30+ countries on 9-11 November: the Youpreneur Summit. More than 300 digital entrepreneurs are expected to attend the conference, which will feature leading keynote speakers and […]

Start-up Day: UK Libraries Help Create 15 New Businesses Every Working Day

New figures recently released by the British Library reveal that its national network of library-based Business & IP Centres has helped create an average of 15 new businesses every working day since 2016. Most of these were started at home, with 40% of them beginning in a home office and almost a third from the […]

New Book ‘Making a Lasting Difference’ Shows How To Keep Non-Profits Sustainable, Resilient And Relevant

Non-profit organisations matter – some fill the cracks left by local authority budget cuts and shrinking public services. Others bring together local groups around a common interest – building cohesion, enhancing community welfare and providing individuals with a sense of belonging. From food banks to housing associations to national care providers and dementia cafes – […]

This Is How Workaholism Affect Businesses And Employees… And Tips To Avoid Overworking

Research by Harvard Business Review shows the average CEO works 62.5 hours a week – around 21.3 hours above the global baseline of 41.2 hours. 54% of UK employees check work emails on holiday and 6% admit to even checking them at a funeral  The growth of technology combined with the idea that we need […]

Aging To Weigh On Economies Of All Countries In Asia-Pacific By 2025

The consistent supply of a young work force has benefited most cities in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region over the last few decades. However by 2025, 710 metropolitan areas/cities across APAC will be home to an estimated 226 million elderly people (aged 65 and over), who will account for 11.4% of the total population. This demographic […]

Scaleup Nation: The Rise Of Scaleup Businesses In The UK

The phenomenal increase of scaleups in recent years has seen the UK make great advances in support of high-growth businesses. In light of this, John Duckworth, Managing Director at Instant Offices delves into the rapid growth of a Scaleup Nation and what the key factors are to help SMEs step up to the next stage […]

The National Cost Of ‘Binertia’ Or Why UK Businesses Throw Away Billions By Stockpiling Rubbish

164,000 houses’ worth of space are being wasted by people storing rubbish and old junk Cost to UK SMEs alone of storing junk could be as high as £34 billion per annum nationally in wasted rent Homes and businesses across the UK are storing rubbish and old junk that is wasting space, rent and rates, […]

UK Government To Establish A New Business Finance Council To Support SMEs Through Brexit

Government ministers have met to set out plans for a new Business Finance Council to be established to support SMEs through Brexit. Business, Treasury and Cabinet Office ministers met banking chiefs to encourage support for small businesses post-Brexit through an increased availability of finance. The aim of this initiative is to give SMEs the best chance possible to […]

How Can Big Data Analytics Benefit Your Sales?

The entrance of distributed computing and parallel processing has caused a revolutionary paradigm shift in the marketing industry. This has been achieved by incorporating data analytics and integration of this data to enable huge profit margins. Data can now be deduced, patterns detected and predictions made; in essence, businesses can anticipate the customers’ needs, concerns […]

13% Of Companies Could Lose Potential Customers Due To A Slow Mobile Loading Speed

Mobile phones have become a part of us in recent years, being glued to our hands most of the time. Indeed, when it comes to e-commerce, data from Internet Retailer shows that 66% of it takes place on smartphones. Furthermore, Quicksprout discovered that 51% of mobile users looking to do a mobile purchase are more […]

For The Greater Good: Koin Rewards & Fidel Bring Ethical Rewards For Meaningful Behaviours

Ethical rewards platform enables merchants to reward customers for sustainable shopping using Fidel’s card linking API Having just announced their Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, Koin Rewards, the ethical rewards platform built on the blockchain, reveals that it has partnered with card linking API Fidel to build a responsible and sustainable rewards programme for shoppers. Koin Rewards […]

How FinTech Can Help Financial Inclusion In West Africa Mauritania

In Mauritania, in West Africa, access to basic financial services isn’t easy at all, and approximately 70% of the total population of 4.3 million (approx) don’t even have a basic current account. However, the current government is really keen to improve the financial inclusion of their citizens. And FinTech companies, as a matter of fact, […]

The EDGE Network Aims To Conquer The Cloud Computing And IoT Markets Thanks To Its More Cost Effective And Fast Tech

The EDGE network has officially launched as it becomes a first mover in the emergence of edge computing. Designed to be a more cost effective and faster replacement to the cloud, edge computing is expected to address the proliferation of data and connected devices over the coming years, with estimates put at 29 billion connected devices […]

Revealed: Leading Organisations To Double The Number Of AI And ML Projects In Place

Organisations that are working with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) have, on average, four AI/ML projects in place, according to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc. Of all respondents, 59% said that they have AI deployed today. The Gartner “AI and ML Development Strategies” study was conducted via an online survey in December […]

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