We often say ‘you can’t do anything anymore, everything gives you cancer’. To a degree that is true, but it is not that everything will give you cancer, it is just that there are things that increase the risk of cancer.

Today, society revels in ease and convenience and not in health, which explains how there are so many things that can be of risk to our health. However, forget the food and screen time for a minute, and consider instead, if perhaps your job could be causing you future health problems. If you are concerned your profession is not giving you the right safety precautions for a potential cancer causing job, look into TruLaw.


What Jobs Have A High Cancer Risk?


Remember that when we say a job has a high cancer risk, this does not mean that it will give you cancer, it just gives you a higher risk than normal of getting it. It is not a guarantee, but it elevates the risk. Each of these jobs poses a different risk of cancer for different reasons. Here are the 10 most high risk professions for cancer risk.


#1. Pilot


Pilots are exposed to UV radiation on the regular, this increases the risk of skin cancer. When you are sitting in a plane’s cockpit for a full hour it can expose the skin to an equal amount of UV radiation as if you were to use a tanning bed for only 20 minutes!


#2. Outdoor Lifeguards


The sun has its strongest rays between 10am and 4pm, it is best to wear SPF 15 when out at these times. Lifeguards will often be out in the sun for these hours, and in 1990 the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association started screening for skin cancer. This came about after the death of a lifeguard due to melanoma. It is not surprising when you think about it.


#3. Desk Jobs


86% of Americans will sit at a desk all day to work. It is strange that the most common job can actually have a severe effect on your health, but it is true. However, it does not only increase your cancer risk, it also raises your overall mortality rate too, even if you do get exercise. A lack of movement is generally, in itself, bad, and it does cause health problems, however, if you are sitting for more than 6 hours a day, then you could be looking at a higher likelihood of cancer.


#4. Manicurist/ Nail Salon Work


You might not think so, but working in a nail salon can actually be bad for your health. Studies show that nail salons can host chemicals that are cancer causing, maybe even more so than car garages and oil plants. There may be a carcinogenic chemical known as benzene in many salons, and workers in these salons would have a higher risk of exposure.


#5. Farmer


Farming is a hard job, and it has many risks. Obviously you have to consider sun exposure, however, prostate cancer is high among farmers, more than other workers. But, this is not a weird coincidence, there is a link between prostate cancer and insecticides. This is due to the chemical glyphosate, which is a cancer risk when used without caution.


#6. Firefighting


Firefighters work in lethal conditions, however, they can easily get risks after they remove their suits due to the smoke inhaled. Firefighters have a nearly 10% increase in cancer diagnoses, and 14% more chance of a cancer related death than the rest of the population in the US. Firefighters are encouraged to avoid breathing in the smoke, and wear appropriate gear to avoid this.


#7. Painter


We are not talking about Picasso and Da Vinci, but painters such as the ones who work on homes, and buildings. Although any painter could really be at risk. Painters can be exposed to fumes in paint such as benzene which can cause leukemia and lymphoma. Some paints even contain arsenic as well. As a painter you should always wear a mask and protective gear.


#8. Rubber Manufacturer Worker


Those who work in rubber manufacturing actually have a much higher risk of many cancers than those in other industries. They have been found to have a higher risk of cancers such as bladder cancer, leukemia, and lung cancer than most others. However, this is not so surprising when you consider what the manufacturing process entails.


#9. Construction Worker


Thankfully asbestos is no longer used in construction, however, it does still pose a threat when renovating old buildings. The effects of this material do not show up for years, but it is highly dangerous. Thankfully it is no longer used and those in the construction industry are safer for the most part, however, that is not to say that there are no other aspects of construction work that could be dangerous or cancer causing. Asbestos can lead to many conditions, even mesothelioma, gastrointestinal cancer, and lung cancer. If you are worried about exposure to asbestos then it is best to get checked or take a look at mesothelioma class action lawsuit.


#10. Mortician


Would you believe that those who deal with the dead can end up dead from doing so? It is all due to how they often have to handle cancer-causing chemicals such as formaldehyde. This chemical is a preservative, and it is part of the embalming process for morticians and undertakers. It is the perfect chemical for preservation, it firms up the tissues in the body more than any alternatives. However, it is dangerous to be around, and it has many dangerous consequences if you breathe it in. Around the world now, those who work with the deceased, such as embalmers, morticians, and undertakers, have been required to monitor exposure to this chemical for their own safety. You would not think that this job is potentially a dangerous job, but it truly is. There are so many other professions out there that you may consider would be more cancer causing, however, it could seem that you can wind up dead simply by preparing the dead. How ironic.