Currently, the amount and dispersion of the data available on the internet is overwhelmingly huge, especially for businesses. This creates the need for platforms that provide useful tools to help in obtaining reliable data rapidly whilst reducing the risks and simplifying the collection process. 

With a multidisciplinary team having an exhaustive cyber research background, Effect Group is one of those new platforms that promise to provide the necessary knowledge and solutions to that problem. Let’s take a deeper look at how Effect Group works. If you are looking for ways to track your personal or corporate data through the most complete data breaches sources, the Effect Group ( is the go-to platform. It offers data security making it leak-proof to your competitors or enemies with increased efficiency of carrying out the due diligence. This reduces the risk associated with the business as it identifies the corrupt players in the field. Further, the Effect Group presents well-researched, the most accurate data, and AI-based Image analysis tools that help you strategize your business reliably. The project is backed up by specialists, programmers, and researchers in cyber security in response to the need to reduce time and resources in information extraction. The company is focused on offering a comprehensive service that allows analysts to access all the necessary information from a single place.




Some of the top features of Effect Group include rapid data access from more than 3 billion profiles over its private datasets. Further, with its most reliable Leak Sources, you could prevent your organization from any data breach. Additionally, it is capable of discovering the people and businesses involved in money laundering activities too. Other exclusive features of Effect Group are:


  • Prevent risking your business with its Anti-Fraud & Corruption activities Search Engines
  • Discover multiple target files and documents on the CDN Amazon Web Service
  • Image Analysis Toolset (Image AI Prediction, Sentiment, Image People Search, Logo and Face Recognition)
  • One Click - One Space: Access all the Business Intelligence in your favorite web browser, in an Only Space Operations Based System
  • Web Based User Interface. SaaS Business Intelligence
  • Pay per use. No additional fees
  • Access to a whole array of useful tools like Instant Intel, Apps and more.




Some of the applications of Effect Group include the following

Identity Verification

Fast and accurate search results for individuals’ identity verification, location, and tracking with Effect Group’s powerful tools. This could make life easier for Cyber intelligence researchers and analysts, Marketing and Sales Departments, HR Agencies, Government Agencies, Insurance Companies, Journalists, or Media Companies.

Due Diligence

Effect Group helps you obtain the most reliable information from partners and affiliate companies, tracking their net worth, and any criminal or money laundering activities they are likely to be involved in.

Cyber Security

You can securely keep all the personal, professional, and social information in one place, with no trouble of any leaks. The Effect Group takes care of that. Besides, it helps you improve search results with tools like Image AI Prediction & Face Recognition.

Enrichment Data

Empower your sales team with accurate leads. Know and reach your target with precision, filling up the gaps of inadequate data or inaccurate information to improve sales, marketing, and ROI.

Fraud and Insurance

Our Service can help you recognize the true identity with its advanced tools. It could help you track the real online and offline connections to prevent any potential frauds and scams. Further, it aids in finding valuable data about debtors like their location, and assets to save you from getting involved in illegal activities like money laundering.

HR Agencies

Finding top talent for resourcing your business was never so easy. Effect Group identifies, verifies, and reaches out to the right candidate that matches your organization’s values. This not only reduces time and resources in selection processes, providing effective tools for candidate filtering but also provides the most appropriate resource.

Journalist and Media Companies

In a fake news world, where images are generated and published every second, source verification and content validation is a must, and we provide the tools to help this work. Effect Group researches people and companies in one single place, making it faster and more effective, thereby generating accurate and quality content.




With Effect Group, you reduce information gathering time, while investing in analysis and strategy. It provides you with a unique opportunity to switch from offline to online searches smoothly and securely. Further, it ensures data privacy and security from any breach. Lastly, it gives you authentic real-time data based on AI technology. Forget about multiple subscriptions and pay for what you really need in just a single service. It optimizes processes as well as resources.