Technology, as is the case with all industries, has made courier companies much more efficient to work with. Improved efficiency not only benefits couriers but the businesses that they work with too. Thanks to technology, customers can receive their parcels in a more timely and effective fashion. Software, in particular, has proven to be very useful for couriers and their partners, because it can be used to track and update parcels, as well as show proof of delivery, improving overall security. Security is a major concern for courier companies.

If you are a business owner and will be dealing with courier companies, then the software can help to make that process easier. This article will explain how: 

Customer Communication

Most businesses' primary concern is customer satisfaction, which can be achieved through communication. If a business doesn’t update its customers regarding the status of their

parcel delivery

, their customers can become irritated and will go out of their way to avoid them in the future. Customers need to know exactly what’s going on, at every stage of the shipping process. The software can be used to provide them with this information. Every time a parcel is moved from one place to another, it can be scanned and the information added to your customer’s tracking page, which you can update and manage through shipping software.  

Data Retrieval

If at any point during a parcel’s time with its courier it is misplaced or goes missing, the software can be used to retrieve it. Most parcels have unique barcodes that are scanned at every stage during the shipping process. Uploading this information onto the shipment software program that you use will make finding parcels much easier if they do not reach their intended destination. In addition, if customers have any complaints about the way that their parcel was handled or treated, you will be able to use software to determine which packers, shippers, or staff from your chosen courier company handled it so that you can make a complaint.

Booking Duplication

When you are doing things manually, it’s very easy to make mistakes. This is especially true if you handle lots of parcels. Booking duplications is a very easy mistake to make. With shipping software, however, this thankfully isn’t the case. Shipping software will instantly notify you if you have booked a parcel into your system twice, allowing you to avoid costly duplication errors. With all of this said, in order to avoid booking duplications you do need to ensure that every parcel has its own unique barcode applied, otherwise you will be able to book a parcel twice.

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking is not just important for customers, it is also important for you. Unfortunately, theft and fraud are rampant in today’s world, even in courier companies. Delivery drivers are lucrative targets for sophisticated criminal gangs, and sometimes they even infiltrate them. By using software to track the company that you use and its drivers, you will be able to pinpoint the location of their van wherever they go, allowing you to track a parcel if it is stolen. In addition, you can also monitor your courier’s general behavior. If they are slacking off or aren't delivering parcels on time, then you can use software to prove this to their boss. 

Administrative Tasks

One of the most time-consuming tasks businesses have is administrative work, including inputting and updating information on their system. Delivery software can be used to


and automate administrative tasks, saving them a lot of time. The time that they save by using software enables them to focus on other more important areas of their businesses, such as acquiring new clients and streamlining their operations in other ways. The software can also be purchased that automates HR and payroll tasks. Also, when companies use software to input information, there’s less of a chance of data mishandling.

Increased Productivity

Software ultimately leads to increased productivity. When staff are able to complete their work in an efficient and effective way, they will be more productive. Having to deal with the paperwork and manual administrative tasks will only slow them down and stop them from completing important tasks. Delivery drivers will also be more productive because instead of filling out forms and sheets for each delivery they complete, they will be able to breeze through the relevant documentation on their phone or handheld device.

Parcel Mishandling

As we touched upon earlier, the software helps to improve security. Unfortunately,

theft is very common nowadays

. In addition, because of the large number of parcels that courier companies handle, parcels can go missing. The software allows companies to better track their parcels, giving them the opportunity to learn about any losses or thefts that occur. It can also be used to identify theft patterns. If parcels only ever go missing when a specific driver is on duty, then there’s a chance that they are to blame.

The software has dramatically improved the way that courier companies and businesses work together. It has led to improved productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. If your company isn’t yet using software to handle its deliveries, then it’s time to.