So you have an amazing idea for a business. It has low overheads, the funding is in the pipework, and you reckon you are onto a winner. But don't forget about the value of a great corporate image, as this is vital in getting customers to trust and positively respond to your brand. So, to find out how to create a good corporate image easily read on.


Decide on your brand


The first thing in the guide to getting a startup corporate image is deciding on your brand. This is essential to do before any of the other steps, as it is the foundation of what your company is and who it will appeal to. To decide on your brand, you will need to think about the target audience that you are going to be marketing your product to. This will depend on your product (or service) and the price point. For example, if you have luxury products such as boutique brand cosmetics, you will want to market this to a group that has enough surplus income to buy it. To do that you will need to ensure that the marketing and advertising appeal to that group, portraying the product as a cult, aspirational, and hip. Remember the brand is the image of the product and the company, and it has as much to do with making the sale as the actual product itself. That is why it's vital to get it right.


Get your visuals to reflect your brand


Once you have decided on your brand and the market you are offering your product to, you must make sure that your visuals tie up with this.

A good place to start is the logo for your brand. This is usually the company name represented in a visual form. It's important that it is consistent with color, font, and design. So it's easy to identify your products from their packaging, and from any marketing materials that you send out.


Easy Corporate Image For Startups : A Quick GuideEasy Corporate Image For Startups : A Quick Guide


It's also always worth getting it professionally designed, even if you are running a low budget start up. Why? Well, why would you want something less that perfect for the visual identifier for your business? Also, remember that you don't know where you business adventure may lead, so having a professional and effective logo can stand you in great stead for the success that may be in your future.


Easy Corporate Image For Startups : A Quick GuideEasy Corporate Image For Startups : A Quick Guide


Once you have a logo, you can then use this both on the packing and on official company correspondence. You can even take the colors and fonts and use them in the decoration of your building, offices, web pages and the like. To help further strengthen the visual aspect of your brand.


Use tech to keep everyone informed


Of course, one of the benefits of setting up a startup company is that the overheads are fairly low. This is due in a large way to using the internet and technology to keep everyone informed of your brand and products. Using tech solutions such as social media, emails, video and sponsored content is often a much cheaper way of increasing your brand awareness that traditional TV and paper advertisements. But you do have to have good knowledge and understanding of the online marketing world to make it effective. To do this, you can check out some of the online articles about how to use social media for your marketing. You can also check out the best kept secret in the PR world, A free press release site that you can use to send out your mail shots. You can even use their database of contacts, so you don't have to build your own. Something that can be very helpful if you are just starting out.


Easy Corporate Image For Startups : A Quick GuideEasy Corporate Image For Startups : A Quick Guide


It's also worth checking out some of the information online about how to make engaging and shareable videos. As this is the content that is most shared, and also rates most highly in the search engine ranks. Meaning it can be a valuable tool for getting your brand associated with the field that you specialize in.


Easy Corporate Image For Startups : A Quick GuideEasy Corporate Image For Startups : A Quick Guide


Be brand consistent


Lastly, while it's a great idea to vary your content and the platform on which you distribute this, it is also crucial that your PR material remains brand consistent. Know your market and what appeals to them and stick to this. Otherwise, you will convey a confused message, one that potential customer will find it harder to respond to. Remember to see your brand or public image as the foundation of your company. The platform on which to show off your product to its best effect to the people most likely to be interested in it.