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Outstanding faculty, bright students and a global orientation


The University of Miami School of Business Administration is one of 12 colleges of the University of Miami and is known for its global orientation and diverse faculty. The business school brings together outstanding faculty members, bright students, and first-class facilities, and presents a curriculum that combines theory and real-world experiential learning. The UM School of Business is a leader in business education and research in the global economy and is constantly looking to drive business change through excellence in teaching.

The business school is hosted in a modern, complex network of buildings that provides students with technologically advanced educational tools, an advanced computer lab, and large lecture halls to accommodate a large number of students. The UM School of Business has a mission to recognise the multiple stakeholders that the school serves, the nature of ideas and leaders in the business world, and the high aspirations the school and students have to make valued contributions to society.

The business school strives to be a thought leader that redefines business methods and practices in broad, global terms while providing innovative business ideas that create opportunities for people and organisations around the world. The business school holds the core values of achievement and purpose, innovation and adaptability, community and teamwork, and integrity and responsibility. The foundation of UM School of Business’s community is set to these values to create a distinctive learning environment and guide students in achieving their goals.


The Full-time MBA Programme is innovative, flexible and career-focused, and is designed for those who have an undergraduate background in business. The programme consists of 56 credits based on a lock-step system that delivers core competencies and is completed in less than two years.

Elective courses begin during the third and fourth semesters of the programme while core courses are covered in the first two semesters. The curriculum of the programme is designed around a framework that accelerates growth and the acclamation of new global perspectives and leadership skills. Students think critically across the subjects of management, economics, marketing and finance, business law, and technology. 12 of the courses are electives while the other 17 are core courses. Below is a diagram of the first year of the programme, which contains all of the core courses, provided by UM School of Business.


A One-year, Accelerated MBA Programme is also offered that contains 35 credits and no summer classes. The programme is designed exactly like the full-time MBA programme but is only composed of 20 courses, seven of which are electives. The Executive MBA Programme is designed for professionals who seek a comprehensive understanding of business covering a wide range of contemporary business issues and practices. The courses are designed to help executives think critically, improve their decision-making abilities and enhance their functional and strategic skills in the business environment.

The programme begins each January and classes meet 40 Saturdays per year over eight semesters for a total of 23 months.  A five-week break is included during the summer and classes are held from 8 AM to 5 PM while exams are held on Friday evenings.  The programme contains 48 credit hours.

The curriculum is designed to be very similar to the MBA programme, but participants can pursue special areas of interest that match their career paths and meet their individual goals. Course materials are presented through a mixture of case studies, lectures and group discussions, and extensive interaction with faculty members, while also integrating research into the curriculum.  Below is a diagram of the elective concentrations executives can choose to pursue, provided by UM School of Business.


Executive Education Programmes are also offered in open-enrollment and customised programmes designed to help enhance the professional knowledge and management skills of key managers and senior executives in businesses. All of the programmes are designed by the school faculty and enable professions to add basic business courses to their portfolios and improve upon their leadership skills.

Global MBA rankings

Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US

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School of Business Administration, University of Miami – Miami, Florida

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