Rupert Runewitsch

Rupert Runewitsch is an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of My Vista

Rupert Runewitsch is a marketing specialist and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. He is the founder and current CEO of My Vista, a Big Data and Analytics company creating a customer experience management platform.


After being in marketing for 15 years and working in some of the best creative shops and consultancies (glue Isobar , Leo Burnett, VaynerMedia, MediaLink) Rupert recently turned all his attention to be a tech entrepreneur, with his venture My Vista being backed by his previous employer, Gary Vaynerchuk .

In 2013, Rupert moved to California to open Leo Burnett San Francisco, acting as Managing Director and Head of Social and Mobile for North America. He developed strong relationships with Silicon Valley and the VC world and dug deep into understanding how to facilitate strategic partnerships for all global brands.

Prior to moving to the US, Rupert was Client Service Director at Leo Burnett and Holler UK, where he managed all the key client relationships and revenue. Having worked for some of London’s best digital shops and worked across a number of different categories, he brings with him a wealth of experience in multi-channel delivery as well as the development of strong and agile team structures to meet the modern day demands of clients. In 2010, he was Shortlisted for NMA magazine ‘One to Watch’ and was involved with the IAB UK Social Media Council.


Rupert sees My Vista as it follows: “Vista was founded on the premise that, today we are so used to our online worlds being personalized through our data but as soon as we step into the real world, brands do not have the ability to personalize. Vista bridges that gap.”

Recognition and Awards
Vista is the first platform of its kind that will use explicit customer preference data to power pull rather than push-based customer interactions.


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Rupert Runewitsch
Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
CEO and Founder My Vista
University of Bristol
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