MESS Technology Center (MEXT)

The world's largest digital transformation and competence development center in Istanbul, Turkey

MEXT is Turkey’s largest, the most innovative, and state-of-the-art technology center. Within its vision to support its members along their digital transformation journeys towards Industry 4.0, Turkish Employers’ Association of Metal Industries created an ecosystem made up of more than 30 globally recognised technology providers, universities, and institutions to put MEXT into practice. Built on 10,000 square meters, MEXT provides its visitors with a model factory, showcases, a training area, office spaces, a co-working area with ecosystem players, a conference center for summits, and many more. MEXT, the world's largest digital transformation and competence development center, is an impactful sign of Turkish Employers’ Association of Metal Industries’ commitment to the digitally driven future of Turkey’s. 


  • Digital Factory: MEXT enables industry experts, engineers, and colleagues to experience digital transformation in a real production environment. It implements the latest and most competitive solutions with domestic initiatives, universities, and technology companies in this factory. 
  • Capability Building: MEXT designs special training programs for senior/mid-level managers, engineers, experts, and field workers. 
  • Ecosystem network: MEXT's network of the most successful technology and solution providers worldwide and in Turkey and its business partners create an ecosystem to come under one roof. 
  • Digital Maturity Assessment: This assessment study determines the digital transformation roadmaps of companies. This was MEXT's first service. All processes are examined, the levels of digital transformation are determined, and roadmaps to be followed to realise the transformation are created. 


In 2019, during the World Economic Forum, MESS became the first union syndicate to join the platform. Carrying this collaboration to the next level, MESS joined WEF’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network (C4IR) with its new MEXT Technology Center. MESS will be representing Turkey and its members at C4IR’s headquarters in San Francisco thanks to the cooperation agreement signed with the support of Secretary of State. With this new arrangement, MESS will be able to gain firsthand information on technological improvements around the world and will have the opportunity to develop special projects that aim to spread applications of technology.

Goals and Purpose


MEXT was established to make Turkey the driving force of the world, to increase its trained workforce, to shed light on the future of manufacturing, and to share the world's knowledge with all sector employees. 


MEXT's goal is to provide more efficient production with advanced technologies and to gain a global competitive advantage. 


Some of the distinguishing features of MEXT include: 

  • The world's biggest digital transformation and capability building center. 
  • “Digital maturity assessment” service, which is the world's largest 'digital transformation initiative in industry' in terms of scale. 
  • The world's first employer's union to be a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF). 
  • Turkey's first digital production factory which is end-to-end integrated from sales forecasting, supply chain to production systems and quality management. 
  • The world's most advanced digital factory in terms of production application diversity 
  • The world's first ever virtual iron-steel plant integrated with the control system used in the real life production facilities. 

MESS Technology Center (MEXT)
Leadership team

Efe Erdem (Executive Director of MEXT Technology Center)

Istanbul, Turkey
Region served
An ecosystem made up of more than 30 globally recognised technology providers, universities, and institutions
Year stablished
G-105 Sokak, ?stanbul, Ata?ehir 34750, TR
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