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Business School Motto: Shaping leaders, driving results.


University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business has long understood what defines true business success.  The business school provides academic rigor and essential life learning experiences that shape leaders who will make a positive impact on corporations and communities.  They hold the core values of excellence, leadership, integrity, community and teamwork and all of the values are integrated into the academic experience at Kenan-Flagler. Kenan-Flagler was established in 1919 and has evolved to be one of the leading business schools in globalization, leadership, research and technology in the nation.  The business school provides students with real-life learning education through practical experiences, dynamic hands-on simulations, business projects and capstone courses.  The faculty is also committed to developing leading-edge knowledge and teaching methods to sharpen students’ analytical skills.


The MBA Programme is offered in a full-time and online format and provides a deeply integrated leadership programme that helps students develop essential communication and problem-solving abilities through feedback, practice and reflection.  The curriculum is based around a collaborative approach with a student-focused atmosphere and provides experiential opportunities through real-world projects, student-led investment management, global experiences, building portfolio management skill or case competitions. The programme is designed in small class sizes to promote individualized attention and focuses on a global perspective.  Students are assigned to groups of four to six students to work together and maximize demographic and cultural diversity.  The programme also places an emphasis on case-study method and small group activities.  A number of global opportunities are also offered in the form of global immersion electives, exchange programmes and global business projects. Below is a diagram of the curriculum, provided by Kenan-Flagler.

The Evening Executive MBA Programme has a focus on leadership and career development and consists of a minimum of 10 elective courses and global immersions.  The programme is two years long and courses are held one night a week, including four immersion weekends.  The curriculum is comprised of a foundation in business environments, building strategies and shaping leadership and is highly customizable. Kenan-Flager also offers Executive Development Courses in open-enrollment and customizable formats.  The open-enrollment programmes can range from two day sto two weeks and are offered in the areas of:

  • General Business Management
  • Business Communications
  • Effective Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management and Reporting
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Global Business
  • Managerial Negotiation Skills
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Operations Management
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Change Management
  • Sales Management
  • Strategic Planning and Business Decision Making

Global MBA rankings

Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US

Job integration rate

According to Bloomberg Businessweek’s International Business School Ranking

  • High:  88% job offer three months post-graduation

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Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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