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Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business develops business leaders with an understanding of how technology and globalisation affect modern business practices and future business practices. The business school has always focused on the relationship between business and technology, which is emphasised through its world-renowned technical research in entrepreneurship and technology innovation. 

Scheller College of Business aims to become the world’s leading school for business and technology. Scheller is located in Midtown Atlanta at the center of the city and provides a natural setting for exploring the relations and synergies between business and technology. The Advanced Technology Development Centre resides here and serves as a hub for students to explore entrepreneurial and developmental opportunities by providing the latest learning tools and classroom-friendly technologies. The business school also has a strong commitment to career services and helping students find careers and internships with a partner and local organisations. 

The business school is accredited by the AACSB and SACS and is driving towards a focus on technology in order to gain a competitive advantage with other business schools. 

Dean Steve Salbu says:

“Technology is only becoming more important to society, the economy and the world at large.  We are in a sweet spot, doing what the world is only going to consider more and more valuable”.

The business school was recently named after the 1952 graduate Ernest Scheller Jr in 2012, who donated 50 million dollars and also helped start the Challenge Grant initiative in 2009.


The Full-time MBA Programme offers students opportunities to enhance their management skills, learn to solve complex business problems on a global scale, and learn to inspire innovation across an organisation. The curriculum stresses teamwork, diversity, and solutions to real business problems with a focus on technology and innovation. The goal of the programme is to teach students to think critically, take products to the market more efficiently and learn how to leverage technology within the business. 

The programme has a flexible curriculum that allows students to customise their degrees and choose from different disciplines as a focus. Each year, only 75 students are admitted to the programme to keep it up close and personal with faculty and peer interactions. During the programme, students will participate in activities and assignments like the Global Consultancy Project, IT Practicum, and internships with international companies. They also have opportunities to join clubs, start new business ventures and expand their network. 

The curriculum incorporates a variety of teaching methods and materials that are delivered through case analyses, company projects, simulations, group assignments, and guest speakers. The programme is two years long and requires a total of 54 credits to graduate.  The semesters are made up of 14 core courses, an optional summer internship, and eight electives. Below is a diagram of the MBA curriculum, provided by Scheller.


An evening MBA programme is also offered in a two-year and three-year schedule.

The Executive MBA in Management of Technology is designed for ambitious executives who want to master the integration of technology into business through accelerating business intelligence, identifying emerging technologies, collaborating with industry experts, peers and faculty, and delivering innovation to improve business performance. The programme also includes two, week-long on-campus residencies, an international residency, and a new product launch project. Below are the courses of the programme, provided by Scheller:


The Executive MBA in Global Business builds upon the MBA core curriculum with four additional models:

  • Global Markets
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Global Organisation
  • Global Trade

The programme is designed to help students gain an international business perspective, succeed globally, distinguish themselves from the crowd and start to think strategically to give themselves a competitive global advantage. It’s 17 months long with two Atlanta residencies, an international residency that lasts one week to 12 days, and a global strategy project, which serves as a capstone experience where students work on real-world global strategy issues and complete an entire company analysis. Below are the courses of the programme, provided by Scheller:


Scheller also offers Custom Executive Programmes that can be tailored to a company’s needs.

Global MBA rankings

Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US

Job integration rate

According to Bloomberg Businessweek’s International Business School Ranking: High:  94% of job offer three months post-graduation.

General information

Georgia Tech College of Management, 800 West Peachtree Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308, United States.

t: +1  404.894.2600 


Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business – Atlanta, Georgia
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