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Contributing to a more fairer, balanced, and sustainable society


EADA was one of the first Spanish institutions to provide business training programs and was established in 1957.  The business school was founded on the values of effort, commitment, and well-done work and has a mission to contribute to a fairer, more balanced, and sustainable society.

The school has a learning methodology of a hands-on practical approach that has students apply their knowledge in real day-to-day business experiences. EADA is located in Barcelona, Spain, and is dedicated to training and developing people through research and education that has an influence on society.

They have the values of independent thinking, responsible and sustainable action, integrity, entrepreneurship, learning by doing, and internationalisation. EADA's objective is to train individuals to make valuable contributions to their organisations and in turn make them operate more efficiently.  The business school manages itself as an independent, private company to provide the highest quality of facilities for education.  EADA also has over 120,000 alumni in 40 different countries and a diverse, dedicated faculty.


The MBA programs at EADA have a teaching methodology based on active and practical learning that reflects the demand of organisations and professional management companies.  It pushes students to work in multi-functional teams and gain the ability to adapt to the challenges of the global business environment.  They are also constantly placed in real business situations so they can experience firsthand what it’s like to think like an executive.

The International MBA Programme  is a full-time program that gives professionals a competitive advantage by focusing on three critical areas:

  1. Management skills in the areas of marketing, finance, strategy, human resources, and operations.
  2. The essential personal competencies are necessary to be a functional executive.
  3. The acquisition of a global vision of the world market and companies' placement in it.

The program offers different strategy tracks in either general management, energy, entrepreneurship, or retail.  For the general management focus, courses cover topics in the stock market, mergers, and acquisitions, personal leadership, branding, and supply chain management.  The course also includes a social entrepreneurship event and a corporate project that lets participants gain first-hand experience in developing and operating a social enterprise.

The MBA Programme is offered in a part-time and full-time format and requires three to five years of work experience. In the first period, a number of basic management competencies are covered in the areas of economics, marketing, operations, business analysis, and professional development.  In the second period, specific higher-level management skills are addressed, such as business life cycles and financial decision analysis.  The third period contains electives, a final project, and an international study week abroad.

The Executive MBA Programme is offered to senior-level executives with at least five years of work experience.  The teaching methodology is based around:

  • Introductory practice sessions:  Students are introduced to and tested on basic management concepts.
  • Case method:  Discussion of situations that companies face and analysis of the situations individually, and then within groups.  The process strengthens fast decision-making and makes the students' work more effectively practical in a group-work environment.
  • Teamwork:  Participants are placed in miniature management teams and constantly make decisions as a group throughout the programme.
  • Outdoor training:  Based on the performance of outdoor simulations that reproduce real-life business situations.

The objective of the program is to give students a comprehensive and integrated vision of the company and improve their management skills and abilities to drive their companies further.

Global MBA rankings

Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US

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e: iberasategui@eada.edu w: www.eada.edu


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