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China Construction Bank Corporation is one of the largest commercial banks in China and a leading global bank with a presence in over 50 countries and regions worldwide.


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China Construction Bank (CCB) is one of China's largest and most influential financial institutions. Established in 1954, it originally focused on funding construction projects and infrastructure development during China's modernization phase. Over the years, CCB underwent significant transformations to become a full-service bank, offering a wide range of financial services beyond construction financing.

Key milestones in CCB's history include its IPO in 2005, which marked its transition into a market-driven entity and solidified its position as a major player in the global financial landscape. CCB has since expanded its operations both within China and internationally, establishing an extensive network of branches, subsidiaries, and representative offices worldwide.

The bank is known for embracing technological advancements and digital innovation to enhance customer experiences. It offers services ranging from retail banking to corporate banking, asset management, and investment banking. CCB has also played a role in China's Belt and Road Initiative, supporting international infrastructure projects and economic cooperation.


China Construction Bank (CCB) has a rich history that reflects its deep connection to China's economic development and financial landscape. Established on October 1, 1954, as the People's Construction Bank of China, it was initially tasked with facilitating funding for construction projects and infrastructure development during a crucial phase of the country's modernization.

In the early years of its existence, CCB played a pivotal role in supporting large-scale projects, including the construction of vital infrastructure such as dams, roads, and public buildings. This role as a funding source for national development projects positioned the bank as a key player in China's economic progress.

As China's economy evolved, so did CCB's role. In 1979, following economic reforms initiated by Deng Xiaoping, the bank shifted its focus to expand its offerings and services beyond construction financing. This marked the beginning of CCB's transition into a full-service financial institution. In 1994, the bank was restructured to separate policy functions from commercial operations, allowing it to function as a more market-driven entity.

One of the significant milestones in CCB's history was its initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2005. This marked a turning point as the bank sought to raise capital and strengthen its global presence. The successful IPO signaled CCB's emergence as one of the largest and most influential banks not only in China but also on the international stage.

Over the years, CCB has steadily expanded its operations both domestically and internationally. It has established a robust network of branches, subsidiaries, and representative offices across the globe. This expansion has allowed CCB to offer a comprehensive range of financial services, including retail banking, corporate banking, asset management, and investment banking.

CCB's growth has been propelled by its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. The bank has embraced digital transformation, enhancing customer experiences through online and mobile banking platforms, and incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its operations.

Furthermore, CCB's internationalization efforts have enabled it to engage in cross-border trade and investment, fostering economic cooperation and connectivity between China and other countries. It has also been actively involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, supporting infrastructure projects and economic development along the routes of the initiative.


The mission of China Construction Bank is to provide better service to customers, create higher value for shareholders, build up broader career paths for associates, and assume full responsibilities as a corporate citizen. The bank also strives to provide premier wealth management services by creating added-value to clients, and dedicates itself to serving micro, small and medium businesses.


China Construction Bank's vision is to become a world-class modern commercial bank and build a strong brand in the financial industry. The bank aims to provide high-quality and innovative financial services to its clients, to support the development of the real economy, and to create sustainable value for its stakeholders.

Key Team

Xin Shusen (Vice President)

Wang Hongzhang ( Chairman)

Zhang Jianguo (President)

Recognition and Awards
China Construction Bank (CCB) has received numerous awards for its services and products. In December 2015, CCB was awarded the Best Bond Financing Bank in China by Euromoney. In November 2011, Standard & Poor's revised CCB's long-term foreign currency ratings to A from A-, short-term ratings to A-1 from A-2 and long-term outlook rating. Additionally, CCB was awarded the “Best Domestic Bank in China” and “Excellence in Retail Risk Management” awards. Furthermore, CCB has been rated by Standard & Poor, Moody&Fitch and recently won five awards including “The Most Satisfactory Banking Service” award.

Products and Services

China Construction Bank (CCB) is one of the largest banks in China, offering a wide range of products and services to its customers. Here are some of its main offerings:

Retail banking: CCB provides retail banking services to individuals, including deposit accounts, personal loans, credit cards, insurance, and wealth management products.

Corporate banking: CCB offers a range of corporate banking services, including deposit accounts, loans, trade finance, treasury services, and foreign exchange.

Investment banking: CCB provides investment banking services, such as equity and debt underwriting, merger and acquisition advisory, asset management, and securities brokerage.

Asset management: CCB offers a range of asset management services to both individual and institutional clients, including mutual funds, pension funds, and private equity.

International business: CCB has a significant presence in international markets, providing services such as international trade finance, foreign exchange, and correspondent banking services.

Rural finance: CCB also provides financial services to rural areas in China, including agricultural loans, microfinance, and rural insurance.


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China Construction Bank
Leadership team

Wang Hongzhang ( Chairman)

Zhang Jianguo (President)

Xin Shusen (Vice President)


Financial and Banking

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Finance and insurance, consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, investment management, global wealth management, private equity, mortgages, credit cards
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Above 50,000
No.25, Finance Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China, Postcode 100033
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SEC CIK #0001445474
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