Employers or HR members of staff have traditionally used good old-fashioned pen and paper to manually keep track of how much leave their employees have available. But now that leave management software is available, there is no excuse for not getting with the times.

Using an efficient leave management system that enables employees to request leave and managers to approve the requests brings many business benefits. Let us take a look at some of the key advantages.



Leave Requests and Approvals Become Much Simpler


When your company uses an excellent leave management system like Timetastic’s time off manager, leave requests and approvals become much simpler. At any time, employees can check how much leave time they have left and request time off. They can also check which other employees have had time off approved. Managers or HR members of staff can also easily view the leave statuses of each employee, making it simpler to approve leave requests. With such simplicity and accuracy, leave requests and approvals become much more efficient.


A Leave Management System Provides Real-time Monitoring


With a great leave management system, you have complete access to all employee leave data, including leave balances, accruals, and information about special cases, such as when an employee borrows against future accruals. Even better, you get to access that information in real-time. That means you can much more easily see things like an employee who needs to take leave soon and which workers have no leave left to better plan your employee schedules and arrange things like temporary staff replacements.


You Can Better Ensure Your Company Complies with Laws Concerning Employee Leave


It is imperative that your company follows all applicable national and local laws and rules concerning employee leave. With the best leave management systems, you can keep track of all applicable legalities and obligations and ensure your company never breaks the law.


Automated Notifications Help to Make Multiple Leave Processes More Efficient


The best leave management systems provide customizable notifications that let you know when an employee submits a leave request and when an employee is approaching his or her leave limits. Also, employees can receive notifications to tell them that their leave requests have been approved. You could also configure notifications to remind managers of outstanding leave requests that require attention. All in all, automated notifications make for a much more efficient system and reduce the risk of problems arising.


You Could Sync Your Leave Management System with Other Systems


You can sync employee leave data with other areas of workforce management when you use the best leave management systems. For example, when your system is synced with payroll software, manual payroll calculations are no longer necessary. Instead, the data concerning employee leave can automatically flow to your payroll system, enabling more accurate statements for each pay period.


A Leave Management System Provides Employees with Improved Communication


As you should now have realized, everyone’s lives become easier when a company utilizes efficient leave management software. But it is worth pointing out just how much it can particularly benefit employees. No worker wants to spend valuable time working out things like how much leave they have left and if they can take their leave at a time that does not interfere with colleagues. And it can often take time for an employee to track down his or her manager to request time off. When an efficient leave management system is used, such problems become obsolete. That not only helps employees to save time. It also helps them to not become worried or stressed about leave matters. In turn, that leads to happier, satisfied, and more productive workers.