One of the top popular investment types in the current times is cryptocurrency. Factoring all the digital currencies, more than $6 billion daily online transactions happen over the blockchain. As we are heading towards the end of 2021, the crypto world witnessed the rise of many trends that were strategically a blessing for the development of the blockchain. 

Before getting involved in crypto trading, you must make yourself aware of the fact that it is an extremely volatile market. Therefore, only a solid plan, diligence, and smart tactics could help you ride the tide. Investors and users can access online trading apps and exchanges like Yuan Pay Group app or Binance, to apply investing strategies. Let us find out these trends that might make your trading experience quite fascinating.


Trading Bots


These are computer programs that can trade cryptocurrency on their own, based on intelligent research. Fundamentally, the bots are programmed to trade in the most profitable manner, in response to the established code and market trends. They maximize the success probability while accelerating the trading process. Based on the user parameters- price, volume, orders, or others, these bots are able to efficiently trade on a daily basis. They, thus, reduce the user’s time to analyze the market behavior by automating the entire process.


Lending Pools and platforms


These facilitate the lending and borrowing mechanisms by providing an online platform that is robust and affordable to all. It allows the users to exchange the assets directly, without involving any third party, reducing the transaction time. It also yields interest to the lenders in the form of crypto, thereby providing decentralized financing solutions.




A class of cryptocurrency that alleviates the price volatility, providing stability to the crypto markets. They are backed by reserve assets, against which the market is pegged, like a cryptocurrency, fiat currency, or commodities that are traded over the exchanges. These gained the grip of the markets owing to their instant processing of the transactions, security, privacy of payments, and stable valuations of the fiat currencies. While Tether has been the earliest stablecoin in the blockchain, it is being progressively replaced in dominance with the others, due to various issues associated with it.




It is a strategy that gears trade profits based on minor price changes in cryptocurrencies. A scalper would place a few trades daily on the fundamental belief that slight oscillations in the trade could yield mighty profits, that could be compounded with a strict exit strategy to prevent a large loss. If executed properly, this could make modest trades for the short term. You will have to be watchful about the timeline, keeping it to the minimum as the volume of trade is the most valuable asset. Rather than waiting for substantial gains, scalpers are more focused on the transaction quantity. This limits the losses by keeping the trading period short. Thus, you make a rapid entry and exit into the market and meander profits from the slight gaps that exist.


Centralized digital currencies


CBDCs or Centralized Bank Digital Currencies are fundamentally based on blockchain technology while introducing centralized institutions to be involved in the transactions. These currencies, basically, derive their value from the bodies that issue and control it in the first place. This is a step further in regularizing the blockchain, the major issue that was obstructing its widespread acceptance. Still in its infancy, the idea has been welcomed by major economies around the world.


Institutional investors


These are commonly known as the ‘whale’ investors. They are sophisticated investors that are subject to comparatively less restrictive regulations. This promises to increase the trading volumes significantly. However, this trend is mostly driven by speculation, and its results are yet to be corroborated.


DEX platforms


Decentralized exchange or DEX

is a platform to exchange cryptocurrencies, digital coins, or assets directly, without involving a third party. Powered by underlying principles of blockchain technology, they provide a safe environment for exchange.


STOs instead of ICOs


Replacing Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that are considered the ‘wild-west’, STOs (Security Token Offerings) are a tokenized way to trade financial assets in a regulated and responsible manner. This secures the investors’ funds, making it less vulnerable to frauds and cybercrimes and retaining their trust in the blockchain. They act as an investment, paying dividends, interests, and profits.




The constantly evolving trends point to one certain thing- cryptocurrencies are here to stay for good! With major trends happening around, major advancements for better returns and profits for investors look promising. Following trends and strategizing trading decisions could be keeping you informed to make wise and calculated investment decisions.