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The University of St. Gallen (HSG) is an educational institution, event organiser, employer, and provider of the best business education in the country of Switzerland.  HSG was originally titled “the business academy of St. Gallen” and has been a part of the university for over 100 years.

The business school gives students the opportunity to profit from the mix of research and practical education. HSG has a vision to be recognised globally as a university that focuses on thought leadership in current economic, business and societal matters for the development of talented individuals who possess the qualities to be able to use these business perspectives responsibly in entrepreneurial ventures.

The business school has a long standing culture of trust, mutual respect and cooperation and stresses interaction between students and faculty.  HSG also offers a variety of entrepreneurial platforms, such as institutes, course programmes and events. HSG uses in integrative approach to economics, business administration, law, social science and humanities to provide students with a holistic education at a high academic level.

The business administration model is intended to enable students to understand the diverse aspects of today’s management challenges in a big-picture context. The business school has a faculty of which half are international, along with a third of the student body who are also international.  They also have over 170 partner universities that allows students to take part in exchange programmes and broaden their global perspectives.  Additionally, HSG has hubs in Singapore and Sao Paulo that offer special exchange opportunities and have a local support staff to ensure everything runs smoothly during the international experience. Research at HSG is the basis for their teaching foundation and the focus of the research activities is on scientific knowledge and innovation.  The basic research is geared to problem solving together with students so they can have the opportunity to witness research performed first-hand and also take part in the collaborative process with experienced faculty.


The St. Gallen MBA has a mission to develop competent, entrepreneurial, internationally-oriented and socially responsible managers.  The programme is one year long and is divided into three modules: Core courses, electives and a capstone project.  Each module consists of preparation in both reading literature and case studies and involves a mix of teaching, discussion, group presentations and guest speakers.  The MBA programme is also offered in a part-time format that lasts 24 to 36 months. From January to September, 13 core modules are delivered in blocks with three subjects being delivered simultaneously over a five-week period.  Below is a diagram of the core courses from HSG’s website.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.22.14 PM

The MBA project offers a unique opportunity for individuals or teams to work with companies on a management project in a team of two to seven members.  The participants spend 10 to 12 weeks developing innovative solutions on management issues and ultimately designing a comprehensive report for the host company.  Below is a diagram of the course structure of the MBA programme, provided by HSG.

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The Programme for Leadership Development is for executives who want to accelerate their career with leadership skills and general management training to prepare them for higher-level executive positions.  The curriculum consists of 39 days of classroom training divided into two modules in one week, five modules in four days, and three weekend modules. The curriculum includes the fundamental areas of general management, general management functions and the courses that focus on personal development and soft skills.  The LEAD programme, developed by ESADE, is delivered through the programme to develop personal competencies in executives.  These courses include a 50-minute coaching sessions where participants discuss and interpret their self-assessment results, identify strengths and weaknesses and apply the knowledge learned in the course through the development of a plan for building essential competencies and emotional intelligence within themselves.

The Executive MBA Programme is flexible and lasts a minimum of 20 months to a maximum of 48 months and is a part-time, modular format conducted in German.  The programme consists of core modules, electives and a personal development programme. Also, students write a master’s thesis during the programme. The course is comprised of 90 days of classroom attendance and is module based. Some modules may be covered in a day, while others take up to two weeks for completion.  Their are large gaps in between some modules designed for self-studying and preparation for the next modules.  Also, the Personal Development Programme offers executives individualized coaching, a professional vitality check, a business English course, a mentoring program and a “Corporate Day” that allows students to network with different business and attend lectures.

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Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US

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