Telebionix is a MedTech innovation company headquartered in California


Telebionix is a MedTech innovation company headquartered in California. The company’s central objective is to develop industry standards for intelligent and interconnected medical devices while providing their customers with simple, effective, life-saving products and healthcare technologies.


Telebionix was founded in 2020 by innovator Widy Medina and serial entrepreneur Aghiath Chbib. Collectively, all the team behind Telebionix brings 250+ years of professional experience in IT, AI, Robotics, Cybersecurity, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Care, Public Health, Investment Banking, and other industries.

They set out on a mission to leverage an international network with access to world-leading academic research labs and techno scientific agencies in Europe, the UAE, and the US. Their core competencies include product design, automated manufacturing deployment, combined with life-science and medical device background, giving them an edge to perform as a leading Medical Technology Development group.

Core values:

· People First; Everything we do is for our team, our customers, our partners.

· Quality from product design to customer service. They aim to build their reputation and brand on quality.

Diversity; Every perspective is valuable. Their team, customers, and partners come from all walks of life and are all deeply valued and appreciated.

· Commitment, Integrity, & Trust; They earn their partner and customer’ trust through commitment and integrity.

· Diverge, Rebel, but Improve; Telebionix embraces a growth mindset and said that they welcome feedback, and strive for continuous improvement.


Remosense is Telebionix’s signature project. The Remosense is a biometric information gathering unit targeted for professional healthcare personnel  and a critical tool for telehealth services.

Remosense is a device powered by next-generation Artificial Intelligence, simple to use, extremely accurate, and secure by design. It aims to become the first all-in-one biometric system,  featuring an Ai Driven Stethoscope and sensors for Heart Rate, Body Temperature, SpO2 & Blood Pressure.

Remosense delivers precise information to healthcare professionals to diagnose and monitor patients with confidence; this data is presented through an intuitive dashboard, resulting in patients getting the best of their virtual consultations.


Telebionix’s mission is to create industry standards for intelligent and interconnected medical devices, providing their customers with simple, effective, and transformational health technologies. Likewise, this adds up to their vision of focusing on building solution platforms that empower people to reach a higher quality of life, well-being, mental and physical health, and enjoy happier lives.


Widy Medina, Co-Founder & CEO

Innovator. Founder and CEO of two technology companies with vast experience ranging from robotics, product design, fabrication, automation to electronic assembly of consumer products, food and beverage tech, biotech, medical devices, and pharmaceutical industries.

Bi-lingual professional passionate for quality in every customer touchpoint, user experience, and transformative technologies for a higher quality of life.

Aghiath Chbib, Co-Founder & COO

Serial entrepreneur with experience co-founding three companies. An award-Winning expert in Cybersecurity. Recognized as one of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers. Advisory Board Member for the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker).

Tri-lingual professional educated in Germany with an industry focus on Healthcare, Cybersecurity, AI, and passionate for life-saving transformational technologies to improve people’s lives.