San Sunner

Employer branding / PR, Associate Producer at Amazon 'The Social Movement'


San Sunner is an employer branding / PR and Social Media Management Tutor at Employer Brand Academy; podcast host at @businessfirsttv, public speaker and “flexipreneur”. She is currently the Associate Producer at reality tv and philanthropy show The Social Movement, in partnership with Amazon Prime.


San Sunner is a single parent to two small children and became the main breadwinner overnight when her marriage ended has rapidly built a successful company employing 5 remote members of staff.  A champion of flexible working, San is an excellent example of the future of flexible working.

She sees the Future of Work as it follows: “I see a lot more automation moving forward. And COVID-19 is radically changing everything, accelerating automation and the way we work. Remote working is here to stay, recruitment is changing, operations are being forced to digitized, new applicants are starting to realize how important their digital brand is, etc.”

San Sunner studied Culture and Media studies at university. Once San finished university, she started her professional career as an intern at a production company in the West Midlands. However, San found some challenges in that industry so she decided to shift onto another industry and started to work in the recruitment industry.

San has a strong background in recruitment, with experience spanning over a decade. For the last two years, she has paired this with her knowledge and experience within the media sector and created Rec-Social, a niche Employer Branding and Social agency that is going from strength to strength. Rec-Social has been shortlisted for the UKSCMA 2019 Awards.

As CEO of Rec-Social

REC-Social is a social media agency that specialises solely on the recruitment industry. Under the leadership of San Sunner, she pulled together a group of talent, copywriters, photographers, marketing strategists and animators to work on the company.

She stated the following about Rec-Social: “It is a great feeling to push something from an idea into a reality, we knew that pushing social media will generate ROI and that is why recruiters needed to use us but actually proving that has been one of our greatest achievements and confirmation that we know what we are doing and can deliver on what we say.”

The Social Movement and Amazon Partnership

San Sunner has an extensive career as a public speaker and host in different projects. She co-hosts a series on Business First TV, often presents live at industry events and she joined reality and philanthropy TV show The Social Movement as an Associate Producer.

The Social Movement is a documentary series by Chris LaVoie (Producer of hit series Top Recruiter) that brings together CEO’s in a reality show that through philanthropy will have four days to change the world. The show will feature 50 leaders that can solve social and economic issues that are harming the planet. Some of these issues include income inequality, access to health care, global warming, hunger, and support for homeless people. Series one launches on Amazon Prime in July 2020 and filming for series 2 starts in July 2020.

San recently said the following about her involvement in The Social Movement: “We have a purpose bigger than ourselves, we have the knowledge and ability to find solutions to our planet’s biggest issues, this can only be achieved if we work together. I knew this was the right path and show for me when Chris La Voie, the producer of The Social Movement got in touch”.