Martin Signer

Martin Signer is a fintech thought leader and CEO of smartmoneymatch


Martin Signer is a financial and fintech thought leader and serial entrepreneur. Martis is the CEO and Founder of smartmoneymatch.com. Martin has a master’s degree (lic. oec. publ.) in quantitative finance from the economic faculty of the University of Zurich.

Prior to his activity and founding SmartMoneyMatch he was responsible for the market risk management of the Clariden Bank. Besides his activity with SmartMoneyMatch Martin Signer is also active as a university lecturer and author of several publications.

Martin Signer was born in Zug and speaks German, English, French, and Spanish. His hobbies are sports (tennis, golf, and cycling), chess and music.


Martin Signer said the following about his role as CEO at smartmoneymatch and fintech:

About smartmoneymatch

“One of our goal when we built smartmoneymatch was to create an ecosystem in the investment space. As I have learnt throughout my experience is that sometimes, investors and people looking for investment struggle to find each other, especially regarding meeting their specific requirements. So that is where we get in with our platform to help asset managers, investors and companies find the right contact. We are heavily focused on B2B.

Among our solutions, something that is really interesting for our users is the event calendar. We have added a functionality where we and our users can do digital events for companies and investors to network.

Another solution is that we built a sort of social network where users can mutually connect with each other on the platform. This functionality is similar to LinkedIn focusing on relevant criteria for the investment industry (at registration you can choose who will be able to see your information)

Our platform is built and live and it is live and available in different locations around the world, including the US and many parts of Europe, which are our main markets at the moment. Although I feel like borders are increasingly less and less important because most processes and operations are done virtually, in a digital space. And I think Europe is in a privileged position as we can easily engage with Asia and America as we are in the middle.

We have some very high quality investment audience and partners, including Reuters and Bloomberg among them.”

About Fintech

“When you see FinTech as a whole you might get lost because fintech is applied to different sectors and solutions, some of them many different to each other. The term itself doesn’t generate value as it is an umbrella concept. From my experience coming from Switzerland, we provide a specific solution as a service provider using digital tools and technology which can be said to be under -and serving- the Fintech industry. In fact, most big financial institutions today can be described as fintechs as they are all adapting to new technologies very quickly.”