KODA Inc is a C-corp tech company, headquartered in Silicon Valley


KODA Inc is a Delaware C-corp tech company, headquartered in Mountain View, California, Silicon Valley, USA. It is dedicated to helping people live better lives with the help of robotic companions. Koda Inc.’s inaugural product is a quadruped robotic dog named KODA.


In 2018 a group of engineers and designers envisioned a new way to make a distributed, elastic, and secure computing environment a reality, without having to engage with the large-scale utility computing companies of the time, where access, cost, and availability made it restrictive to use and its security less than assured.

They created Koda, the first fusion multi-processor and sensor AI device that lives on an autonomous, fully secure network, allowing Koda owners to make their own decisions about how they share information, knowledge and computing power.

The first implementation of this new distributed, elastic, and secure computing platform is a super smart Robotic Dog.


KODA describes its vision as creative, compassionate and courageous. Its advanced research in the fields of AI and blockchain is the driving force behind KODA products. The company’s goal is to bring about the future of technology with the human in mind. It does this by focusing on empathy towards the human condition and by always maintaining its responsibility to enhance the quality of life of anyone who interacts with KODA robots.

KODA defines their mission as it follows:

“For generations of Americans, domestic help and security staff have been privileges of the wealthiest households. However, middle-class people are now integrating high-tech robots and other tools with AI capabilities into their homes. Robotic helpers clean our floors, scrub our toilets, and monitor our alarm systems.

We should anticipate a future full of robotic assistants and companions. Humanoid robots cause discomfort for a variety of reasons—from their resemblance to domestic servants to their uncanny near-humanity. Therefore, this new generation of helpers will likely take the shape of cats, dogs, and other domestic pets.”