Ian Calvert

Ian Calvert is an Analyst, Futurist & Influencer


Ian Calvert is an Analyst, Futurist & Influencer helping SMEs SMBs & Corporate Co’s with AI, Digital, FinTech, LinkedIn, Social & Tech. Ian is a Digital, Social and Technology Commentator who looks at both the “Future” and “Future of Work ” and to bring this to companies around the world whilst at the same time as combining it with making sure they are implementing CSR and SDG’s.


UK born Ian Calvert is an analyst, futurist and influencer working with SMEs and businesses to cope with Digital Transformation.

Starting off in 1988, Ian’s professional career has always involved working with SMEs and big corporations, as a project manager and executive, managing corporation’s struggles to adopt best practices and technology advancements. For example, Ian became in 2011 Board Member of Banbury & District Chamber of Commerce where he took various roles to promote services to local businesses as well as helping promote local businesses.

A milestone in his career came in 2012, when he joined Hootsuite Media Inc. as a Partner and Ambassador. Among his responsibilities were helping individuals and companies to take their Social and Digital to next level by being able to implement all the features and facilities that Hootsuite can offer to help manage a successful Social Business programme.

After that Ian Calvert specialized as a futurist and researcher, collaborating with major multinational companies. As such, Ian has developed over a number of years working collaborations with the likes of Barclaycard, Huawei, IBM, and Microsoft amongst many other established Technology Companies as well as Start-Up’ too.

Ian Calvert has been focused on CSR and UN SDG’s. One of the main areas of research very dear to Ian is the reflection on how to start to implement better “Future of Work” strategies.  He is a known disruptor who has been focused on the real question: “Do you have a “Future of Work” strategy? If not – why? According to Ian Calvert: “The “Future” is here now but are you ready for it and are you going to let your competitors seize the advantage by moving ahead of you?”

Ian Calvert has been recognised as one of the Top 50 UK marketing and advertising Klout influencers on Social Media. Ian is Consistently recognised on Rise among their top 50 Global Social Sales Supremos.


> Deliver Change Management via Digital Adoption

> Deliver Change Management via Social Integration

> Deliver Change Management via Technology

> Create an empowered workforce through returning your company back to Family Values with a Start-Up Business Ethos

> Utilising the right tools to make sure your company is portrayed how your audience wants to see you whether this is your future workforce, your prospective clients and engaging more with your existing clients

> Help Councils, Charities, Non-for-Profit organisations start planning/adopting Digital, Green, Social Technology Change Management to engage and deliver to their audience and clients


About digital transformation and marketing. “The old methods of Cold Calling, Mailshots, Brochures, eMail Marketing and Social Media are not what is happening in the real world of people want to be engaged with and that’s why, my role is to help you create the WOW factor of using all the elements at hand to you with the latest that’s happening in the world of Technology, whether this is by.”