EVShare is a decentralized power-transportation system


EVShare is a decentralized power-transportation system that transports clean energy as well as people and goods. EVShare ethos are decentralization as it is governed by consensus and community effort; power as they deliver clean, sustainable energy to empower communities and transportation in the form of clean, zero-carbon ridesharing transit systems, owned by local communities. The current CEO is Eduardo Javier Muñoz.


EVShare Technology

EVShare is a MaaS-transportation service that utilizes connected, electric, autonomous, shared vehicles developed exclusively for ridesharing powered with clean, alternative energy instead of fossil fuel. EVShare robotic vehicles use high-density Silicon-Graphene (SiGr) Lithium ion batteries and artificial intelligence (AI) data sharing on the RSK Blockchain to double as rolling energy storage units. The vehicles distribute and transport and share energy, people and data simultaneously, resulting in higher energy efficiency, solving the recharging and range problems that have thus far limited EVs from being viable for longer range commutes or ridesharing.

This ingenious systemic redesign of transportation and energy utilizing 21st century materials, design philosophy, and information technology, combined with the economics of the “sharing economy” and Blockchain “smart contracts” enables EVShare to develop something that was until now, not possible — a solar and alternative-energy-powered multi-passenger (bus and vanpool) transit system.

EVShare Platform

The EVShare platform integrates participants – vehicles, charging stations, energy producers, riders and the community – via a secure blockchain – based system comprised of series of Dapps (web3 Distributed Apps) and a public API, which allows EVShare and third party developers to produce apps or full custom enterprise solutions on top of EVShare’s platform.

RSK Blockchain technology is the basis of EVShare’s Decentralized platform. The vehicles, passengers, goods and energy players interact in the community forming an efficient ecosystem. In EVShare’s platform, every transaction — booking and paying for a ride, or buying and selling energy — will be automatically handled by smart contracts and stored in the Blockchain, where it can be audited by anyone. EVS “virtual cryptographic tokens” are at the core of every interaction. Energy, rides and services will be negotiated and paid for in EVS.


EVShare has projects and initiatives in 5 different countries around the world, including California, Mexico, Brazil, Estonia and Gibraltar.

EVShare Foundation

EVShare Foundation is a coalition of several mature, existing technology partners that have joined together to combine their technologies in order to enable mass transit to be powered by distributed, community-generated alternative power sources such as solar and wind energy.