Athena Legal is a full service law firm located in New Delhi, India ideally sized and configured to deliver the highest quality services to its clients, regardless of the complexity of the legal issues.


Athena Legal is a well-regarded, medium sized, full-service law firm based out of New Delhi, India.

Athena Legal (the “Firm”) is known to deliver impeccable legal services to its clients, regardless of the complexity of the legal issues involved. Since its inception in 2012, the Firm has dedicated itself in providing a full range of transactional, dispute resolution & intellectual property related services to its clients.

The Firm has collaborations with an array of leading lawyers/law firms from across India & overseas to provide legal services to its clients all across India and overseas. The Firm has a network of over 400 lawyers holding multi-disciplinary legal expertise. This alliance gives the Firm’s clients access to its network of lawyers and a wealth of advantages that are not easily available even with largest Indian law firms.

The Firm’s team of lawyers are well informed and up to date not only in their areas of expertise but also keeps pace with legal and regulatory changes that may impact their client’s industries. We employ several knowledge management tools for this purpose.

The Firm is about excellence and perfection. The Firm is research-oriented, and strives to understand its client’s industry and sector to provide legal solutions, customized to cater to client’s specific needs, in a timely and cost effective manner. The Firm understands the need to provide legal advice which is in line with the goals of the client.

The Firm provides assistance with all kinds of legal services which businesses might need, ranging from advising on complex corporate transactions and commercial advisory services, including those of cross-border nature. The Firm has extensive experience in dispute resolution services including arbitrations. The Firm assists its clients in IP protection and enforcement globally. The Firm’s experience and expertise has allowed it to work with a diverse pool of clients across the globe and to provide them with a wide range of legal services.

Since its inception, Athena Legal has received accolades and has been featured in various legal & non-legal media platforms with respect to its representation of various significant legal matters handled by the Firm. The Firm is sought after for its opinions and views on various legal issues by media organizations. The Firm has contributed numerous articles to various legal and other publications.


They believe that the talents and viewpoints of a diverse team create the fulfilling professional environment that has brought them consistent recognition from the clients. At Athena Legal, diversity is a part of the long-term strategy, not just a short-term program.