Research shows that marketing firms that achieve beyond their revenue goals are able to do so by applying personalization techniques 83% of the time.

Gone are the days when marketers used to plan and execute a campaign based on mere assumptions or a gut feeling about audiences. Today, marketing campaigns are driven by a more reliable method – audience data.

What does your target audience want? What do audiences think about your brand? Is your marketing campaign in alignment with your audience’s needs?

These are some key aspects that you need to know to make your marketing campaign a success.

There is no better way than getting the answers from the audiences themselves.

Businesses are now relying on big data resources to get accurate customer insights that can add value to their marketing efforts.

Why not give your marketing campaigns the power of such big data?

Here are some ways in which audience data can elevate your marketing strategies:

Helps you reach your target audience at the right time

A major proportion of your marketing success depends on timing. Your product/ service may be efficient at addressing an existing customer problem or may make their lives better in some way. To enable your product/service to attain its goal, it has to reach the target audience at the right time.

In traditional marketing, marketers leverage limited market research data accessible at that point of time, and their beliefs regarding the target audience, to make marketing decisions. This method may yield results, but not with consistency. There is a risk of failure in this trial-and-error-based approach.

Data-driven marketing businesses, on the contrary, support their marketing decisions with data. They may use the services of big data companies or employ in-house big data systems to get accurate, deeper, and comprehensive information about target audiences.

What’s more? They can even get access to real-time customer data that can be a complete game-changer for the campaign.

Gives you valuable insights for personalization

Successful marketing campaigns are those that engage with their audiences. Engagement is possible only when your marketing is customer-focused and relevant to their lives. You cannot inspire trust for your brand or marketing message in audiences unless you personalize.

Audience data helps you overcome the drawback of insufficient or inaccurate audience data by giving you key insights such as audience demography, online behavior, purchase history, and pain points.

These insights, among others, enable you to personalize your marketing message and convert it into a one-to-one brand communication with your target audience.

Does this strategy work?

Research reveals that companies that conceive marketing strategies based on their audience data earn anywhere from 5 to 8 times more revenue on their allotted budgets. With fact-based personalization, you can expand the potential of your strategies for maximum marketing success.

Gives you access to customer information across marketing channels

Data-driven marketing strategies are based on data collection from multiple channels where your customers may have a presence. You get access to streams of data across sources. These include television, radio, and news sources; search engines; social media; apps; and media such as videos and podcasts.

This is high-quality data because it is coming straight from your target audience. You can convert this huge volume of data into crucial intelligence for your marketing campaigns. For example, you can identify channels that have the best customer presence.

You can apply your marketing campaigns to these channels. Your marketing will have the maximum possible reach.

Data-driven campaigns will be more in tune with your customer expectations. With efficient big data planning, you can even create a highly one-to-one marketing experience for your customers. 

Provides insights into your most valuable customers

The beauty of data-driven marketing is that the marketing and brand success you experience is not temporary. Big data systems can be integrated with your existing CRM systems or predictive analysis systems to create customer profiles and predict their purchase behaviors.

The entire infrastructure gives you critical customer insights, such as their purchase patterns and sales potential. You can identify customer profiles that mean revenue for your business and those that are superficial leads.

This is critical business intelligence that helps you focus on your most important customers. Data-driven insights also enable you to acquire new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Helps you deliver super-performing products/services

There is no better marketing than a high-quality product/service.

Deliver the best product/service that your customers are happy about, and watch your customers become your brand ambassadors.

Audience data empowers you with insights required to develop such products or services. Inputs such as target audience needs, demography, and expectations can help you improve your product development. You will increase your chances of product or service success with a fact-based approach to development.

Helps deliver outstanding customer experiences

With data-driven marketing, you can predict your customers’ brand expectations. You can reach out to them with the right marketing message at the right time. You can communicate brand messages that you know will make the right impact.

This is also an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell other products/services. But you will be doing so knowing that your customers are in need of a specific product/service. As a result, the experience will be outstanding for your customers.

When you do so consistently, you create loyal brand followers.

In conclusion

87% of marketing professionals believe that their organization’s data assets are poorly utilized. 64% believe that marketing efforts based on data are critical to their organization’s success.

These insights are an opportunity to realize the value of your data assets. Leverage your company’s big data assets for developing well-planned marketing strategies. It is a valuable opportunity to make your brand stand out!