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  Today’s workplace is the most multi-generational the world has seen, with up to five different generations working together – each with different skills, experiences, work habits and motivations. Most organisations recognise that today’s employees are evidently different than they were ten, five, or even three years ago. However, according to Workforce 2020 (a sweeping global survey of more than 5,400 executives and employees in 27 countries conducted by the Oxford Economics ... Read more
It may not be surprising to hear that there has been an increase in the amount of Fortune 500 companies that are using social media as a way to reach more customers over the past few years, but the speed and size of the increase in as little as 4 years is very interesting. The rapid growth of these channels, such as Twitter and Facebook as well as the proliferation of corporate blogging (which, while still a force, has been stalled by the social media rise), is indicative of a broader, sweeping ... Read more
The leading scholar of ‘Open innovation’, Henry Chesbrough is forming the European Innovation Forum to discover, discuss and share the most effective ways to organise and improve business innovation in Europe. The forum, launched with Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke, is in collaboration with the Barcelona based ESADE Business School and the SciencelBusiness Innovation Board, a Brussels not for profit association. It will be an invite only platform for senior innovation managers at leading companies ... Read more

The subtle charm of Pinterest

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Since March 2010, Pinterest has been attracting millions of users, who use the site to share and explore their interests by ‘pinning’ all the things that they find interesting on their profiles in a way that both allows for visual self-expression and helps users to organise and display what they think is worth sharing. The website has no visible advertising such as pop-ups and banners and creates a safe environment for sharing information, which is probably the reason why Pinterest’s referral ... Read more
Medicine is hardly associated with cars; they literally have no similarities, however directors are cohering the car-manufacturing organization like Porsche with the disjointed pharmaceutical companies. This displays how businesses are willing to think openly outside a confined box. The German well established sports car brand Porsche aimed the pharmaceutical industry for developmental guidance. Though this may seem contradicting as the motorcar industry double the capital profited by the medicine ... Read more
            The food chain McDonalds has recognized the moving trend in crowdsourcing and is incorporating it in their recent selection menu of Chicken McBites. The rise of this “cupholder cuisine” selection will be supplemented alongside ten selected short crowdsourcing films. The online project gallery forum Tongal will create the mini, short videos accompanied with capital rewards appealing to the most prominent film. Anyone who signs ... Read more
  Introduction: The imminent approach of 2012 portrays the European social media scenery as persistently innovating, resulting in an uprising year of exciting developmental change. With the rise of various different social networking platforms, myriads of content and the accumulating progress towards mobile media utilization which is enhancing individual’s knowledge, acquiring exclusive advantages to partake in the European social media Market. Research: Whilst carrying out ... Read more
Netnography consists of various online disciplines; comprising mythologies such as content analysis, “text mining” of anonymous knowledge which is yet to be explored, creating a story through “word of mouth”, ethnography and observational research. The use of Netnography is “consumer centric”, allowing any niche or global business to continually enhance their consumer and marketplace knowledge. Netnography enables the social media industry to gain an insight, on how consumer co-creation, ... Read more
Since October 26th the marketers of the Savoury-cluster (Unox, Knorr, Bertolli, Conimex and Cup-a-Soup) are interacting on Facebook with hundred consumers for three months. Such a consumer-engagement project has not been deployed yet. Lays and Fanta also engage in online activities, but there are differences. Fanta does online research where participants receive money, and Lays crowdsources ideas. The Unilever project differs because the marketers will interact with each one of the the community ... Read more