Wit Sumathavanit

Business expert, thought leader and Luxury Travel executive


Wit Sumathavanit is a business expert, thought leader and Luxury Travel executive. Wit Sumathavanit is currently the Chief Support Officer for the Travel Technology Services Co., a family business in real estate and wellness and healthcare in Thailand.


As CSO of Travel Technology Services Co., Wit Sumathavanit leads and oversees the development and growth of our company and to develop and maintain great relationships within our team, and with our suppliers and clients.Wit Sumathavanit has built a No-Code & Automate platform witwunder. Wit is, as he says, a Meditator, Maker, Diver, Reader, Writer.

Wit Sumathavanit has also been working as a business angel and collaborating with entrepreneurs building growth tools, databases, spreadsheets, automations so they can focus on their customers. Wit has been, as well, involved in the blockchain and crypto communities in Thailand, Asia and worldwide. Wit Sumathavanit is also involved in the Wellness sector.

Growing up in Thailand and, as Wit says, he is a Student of many. Having been traveling since he was young with his family, he spent most of his time reading and educating on the go. Wit is as he says a Meditator, Maker, Diver, Reader, Writer.