VFD Group Plc.

VFD Group Plc. is a Nigerian based proprietary investment company


VFD Group Plc. is a Nigerian based proprietary investment company that focuses on building positive and socially conscious ecosystems by aggregating potentially viable business with the objective of creating innovative products and solutions that are accessible to the everyday entrepreneur.


VFD Group was founded by skilled professionals with diverse experience, qualifications and backgrounds. As a team, we identified the gap between both individuals and small businesses and their banking experiences and set out to bridge the divide. We developed a business model that allows us to operate in every area of the financial industry through our subsidiaries, providing Financial Advisory, Asset Management, Currency, Real Estate, Hospitality, Debt Services and Private Funds Management Services, taking deposits and providing loans at very competitive rates.

Mission and Vision

Founded on the values of integrity and good governance, and built on the strength of innovation and network, the goal of VFD Group is to establish a firm foothold in various ecosystems on the continent through our subsidiary companies. Through these companies, they aim to creatively and consistently build our capacity to provide financial solutions that cater to every need an individual or small business might have, leading us to becoming the foremost financial services brand in Nigeria and on the continent.

Their vision is to be a commercially viable investment company with global influence focused on building positive and socially conscious ecosystems.

Their mission is to build sustainable ecosystems by aggregating potentially viable businesses through investments and collaborations.