Unet is a commerce-oriented social network


Unet is a commerce-oriented social network that opens traditional businesses to the digital era, elevating them to a substantially higher level. The founder and CEO is Andrew Kron.


Customer Tracking (CRM)

Deals can be confirmed by smartphones and your records become digital. If direct customer interaction is part of your business, then this solution is for you. It drastically increases your business efficiency.

Business Site (CMS)

Our Content Management System (CMS) fulfils all the important requirements for online presence and sales. No need to pay for overpriced hosting, website design and online commerce fees.

Offline commerce solutions

Traditional SMEs lack the tools for effective collecting and use of data. Maintaining a customer database is another notorious hurdle for business, because of the price tag of the fiddly solutions are on the market.

Customer Retention (CRM)

Just adding a few simple actions to your regular processes means you can quickly build a digital customer database. You can then leverage this resource for the benefit of both you and the customer. This is one of the most important aspects of the modern business landscape.

Unet’s digital solutions are specifically designed for:

· Selling digital goods, video, information, ideas, content.

· Membership clubs sports, education, health, leisure.

· Service sectors beauty salons, private clinics, psychologists, realtors.

· Event organization ticket sales, visitor tracking, community.

· Instagram and YouTube channel owners backing, donations, traffic monetization, sale of exclusive.

· Optimization of trading through marketplaces client database, sales statistics, progressive discounts, bonuses.

· Creation of an online store of various difficulty levels.


Unet’s mission include improving high-quality online presence for minimal cost, new ways to connect with existing customers and to find more, the user interface is designed for people, not geeks, a support system to ensure you get the best from the service.