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An ecommerce-oriented social network


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Unet is a commerce oriented social network that opens traditional businesses to the digital era, elevating them to a substantially higher level. It helps businesses stay in touch with customers. The founder and CEO of the company is Andrew Kron.


A multifunctional ecosystem, Unet was designed in 2011 by three enthusiasts- Andrew Kron, Ben Longworth, and Yuri Yevtukhov. They raise Unet to help small and medium-sized businesses to improve their process by employing and implementing high-quality digital tools.


Unet’s mission includes improving high-quality online presence for minimal cost, new ways to connect with existing customers and to find more.


The company's user interface is designed for people, not geeks, a support system to ensure for its clients to get the best from the service.

Recognition and Awards
Unet is a multifunctional ecosystem designed to help small and medium-sized businesses implement or improve their business processes by using high-quality digital tools. Unet is also known to offer a new type of affiliate program- In addition to the privileges of using the platform, the partner gets the opportunity to become a shareholder and co-owner of the project.

Unet Global Ltd
Leadership team

Andrew Kron (Founder & CEO)


Media and Communications

Products/ Services
Social Platform, WebOS, and Commerce
Numbers of Employees
50 - 100
London, England, UK
Company Registration
Social Media

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