Tigon Advisory is a Chicago-based firm that equips start-ups to tackle go-to-market challenges that must be met before they can scale; among them: capturing the nuances of customer demand, matching products to market segments, engineering “marketability” into every product, and creating processes to systematize success.


All start-ups have them: strategy-to-execution gaps that disconnect “where you are” from where you want to be; where you need to be. One will need to cure these gaps to reach the promised land of traction – home to sustainable revenue growth. In short, start-ups will need to survive the gauntlet of go-to-market – a minefield whose vagaries doom 80% of start-ups. Tigon Advisory equips start-ups to do exactly that, by dissecting the “traction gap” into five disconnects – like process inadequacies and inexact product-market fit – and applying strategies and tactics proven to cure them. Among them: solutions that will strengthen customer experience, support customer success, and create technological advantages from proof of concept and prototyping to product launch.


CEO Helen Yu: ” I believe growth thrives at the crossroads of #tech and #humanity.
Technology defeats its purpose if it does not serve the greater good of society and solve real problems. Before organizations embrace any technology, they must embrace humanity as an organization.
AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cybersecurity, Marketing automation are all huge parts of digital transformation. They affect everyone across an organization. Technology does not live in a world by itself. Making technology and humanity mutually exclusive is like cutting off oxygen to a plant. It won’t survive and neither with technology if it is thought of exclusively.
In digital transformation, technology only contributes 20% to a company’s success, 80% is about leading people to a more successful place through effective change management”.