The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO – Moscow Region, Russia

A world-class curriculum with hands-on experiences in the Russian market.


The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO was established as the largest business school in Russia in 2006.  The business school’s approach to teaching is the combination of a world-class curriculum with hands-on experiences through educational practices that are unique to the Russian market and challenge leadership development. The teaching method at SKOLKOVO is composed of theory modules, practical tasks, project work and international field trips.  The school strives to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the current economic and political trends through various workshops, business simulations, internships with Russian and foreign corporations, and specialized modules created in partnership with the world’s leading business schools. The business school pays close attention to the business activities in countries with fast-growing economies, such as Russia, India, Brazil, or China.  The wide range of programs are aimed at Russian and foreign participants who want to apply their leadership skills and professional knowledge to the newly emerging markets.  Students may also participate in joint consulting projects at a number of international business schools located in North and South America, South Africa, Europe, and East or Southeast Asia. SKOLKOVO has a mission to help successful people become more successful and develop people that are able to develop themselves and the world.


The Full-time MBA Program is 12-months and focuses on developing entrepreneurial leaders for operation in the countries with fast-moving economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).  The philosophy of the program rests upon the concept of “learning by doing”, which is realized in students’ learning at real-life projects. The program consists of 18 weeks of academic courses in four different countries with five different projects included.  Below is the structure of the full-time MBA program, provided by SKOLKOVO’s website. Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.27.31 PM

One of the distinct features of the MBA program is the consistent advancement of leadership and entrepreneurship skills.  The leadership development program assists in this by providing students with individual and group coaching and career counseling and mentoring sessions.   The Executive MBA Program is a rigorous, real business-oriented program aimed towards top executives and business owners wishing to improve upon their business fundamentals and develop high-performance leadership skills.  The program is 18 months long and consists of 17 modules.  Classes occur four days a month and are composed of the 14 courses in the business fundamentals of efficient management, two unique streamline courses in leadership and business development, and two integrative international modules in China and the USA. The program consists of interactive lectures, business simulations and integrative exercises, projects overseas, business data-based programs aiming to bring solutions to executives companies, and the launch of executives own business projects.  The first unit is designed to develop awareness and understand of the business process of corporations; the second unit helps students develop a deeper understanding of all business spheres; the third unit forces students to implement skills in real business projects; and the fourth unit is designed to master the integration of students’ newly learned skills into their organizations.

The Executive Education Program is based on the best practices of leading international business schools and offers a unique format for teaching senior managers and young leaders how to do business in fast-moving economies.  Students may choose from open-enrollment programs to develop personal managerial competencies or tailor-made programs to work on specific areas of expertise. The program consists of lively group discussions and lectures on main management disciplines, the practical application of theory through group projects and cases, practical tasks and business cases create by Russian and international companies, simulations and strategy games, referential visits to companies and plants, team-building sessions, and regional and international internships.

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