The Art Talk

The Art Talk is an art vidcast led by Carolina Consorti.


Born of a Passion for Art, The Art Talk started as weekly vidcasts with Thought and Business Leaders from the Art World, and beyond.


The “Art Talks” brand was designed to highlight the wonderful enthusiasm and creativity around the art world during these challenging past months. The goal is to pursue client engagement and the development of strategic partnerships.


The Art Talk’s mission is to give a raw and unfiltered view of the Art World. To go to the very root of what touches, inspires, and elevates people when they get immersed into paintings, sculptures, videos, as well as music, dance and literature.


The founder Carolina Conforti spoke about the company’s vision in a recent talk with Dinis Guarda:

I think that the main change that we thought during COVID was, you know, being humble. We exchanged the art world impressions through different media, like ClubHouse. I think everybody was shocked about it and connecting to people you could never even think about that you could earlier, and meet anywhere behind the screen, nobody would see you, you would just hear their voices. It was also a bit scary, I think. I love to see people, I love to interact. And it worked, in fact, until we finally decided to lead a COVID-free life until now. That’s why I started the Art Talks because we used to highlight those voices that nobody heard and it was through different social medias, Like Instagram, you could meet incredible artists.”


“The Art Talk” Video-podcasts, the weekly shows have exponentially grown with influential guests such as representatives from Christie’s and Sotheby’s; Wednesdays on www.angle.audio and Thursdays on: https://www.joinclubhouse.com; www.thearttalk.com & https://www.instagram.com/art_talks_and_art_walks/.

“Art Talk” magazine, https://www.arttalkmagazine.com/magazines/the-art-talk-magazine, independent magazine, “Carnet des Arts” to the family office magazine “Impact Wealth” belonging to the 1640 Club which includes the 150 most powerful worldwide families. Writer and Editor in Chief for Art Talk, and contributing writer for Impact Wealth: https://impactwealth.org/winter-2021/.


The company leaders include: Carolina Conforti (Founder and CEO)

Recognition and Awards

  • The shows have exponentially grown with influential guests such as representatives from Christie’s and Sotheby’s.




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