Technodex Berhad is an Information Technology Enabler


Technodex Berhad is an Information Technology Enabler through providing multiple disciplines of ICT Services in the region. The Company was incorporated as a private limited company under the name of Technodex Sdn. Bhd. on 10 September 2003 and it was then converted into a public limited company on 7 April 2005. Technodex Berhad was listed on 23 August 2006 on the MESDAQ Market of Bursa Securities Malaysia Berhad, which is now the ACE Market of Bursa Securities Malaysia Berhad.



For Clients: Their mission is to create values through eBusiness solutions and services. They strive to excel excellence over and beyond the normal standards. Technodex constantly challenges itself if the solution and/or services can be taken to the next level. By doing so, they bring synergistic values and profits to both the Clients and the Group.

For Shareholders and Employees: Technodex believes the people make up the key element of a successful corporation and that true relationships are nurtured through sharing and growing together. The mission is to become established among the Malaysian business community for our innovative eBusiness services and our rich knowledge to match the business. Through innovation, they will create values and growth for the shareholders and employees.


The Group operates through five segments: ICT professional services, ICT Staffing and outsourcing services, data and cybersecurity services, content services, and eCommerce segments.

– ICT Professional Services address application development, modernization, integration, to maintenance related services

– ICT Staff and Outsourcing services focus on filling manpower needs with strategic sourcing capability.

– Data and Cybersecurity Services aim at providing data-related solutions and services, in addition to providing IT security services.

– Content services aspire to provide valuable information to consumers for analysis and decision making.

– eCommerce Solutions offer electronic retailing services to consumer marketplaces.

The Group has an industry-leading track record of on-time, on-budget projects, aligning their teams with clients’ business strategies to achieve top-to-bottom line results.  The Group has been a reliable and trusted partner committed to their clients’ success, providing flexibility, accountability and quality through our client proximity businesses.

Products and services

The Group offers vest selection of value-added services through technological capabilities.  Amongst them are:

ICT Professional Services

ICT Professional Services that comprises of Application Development Service, Application Support and Maintenance Service, and vertical solutions and consultation.

ICT Recruitment and Outsourcing ServicesICT

Recruitment and Outsourcing Services that focuses on sourcing, selecting, and outsourcing to fill for human resource needs.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services that includes ISO Consulting Service for Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing, and PCI DSS Scanning and Certification

Budget International Roaming Services

Budget International Roaming Services provides innovative and budget services to the business and leisure tourists in the region.

Big Data Solutions and Services

Big Data Solutions and Services that comprises of Data Security, Data Cleansing and Migration Services, Data Warehouse and BI Solutions, and Data Science Strategy Services.

Payroll Processing Services

Payroll Processing Services span end to end payroll process, tax administration and reporting services.

Online Hotel Reservation Services

Online Hotel Reservation Services providing online hotel platforms worldwide, listing hundreds of thousands of hotels and providing services in the Region.

Property Data Sales & Consulting Services

Property Data Sales & Consulting Services that aspires to provide value-added services and property information to the financial, real estate, and consumer industry.

Training Services

Training Services that comprises a wide range of IT and ICT related topics, including methodological and application areas.

Online Payment Gateway Services

Online Payment Gateway Services, empowered by Malaysia’s Payment System Act and also PCI Data Security Standard (DSS), offers Online Payment Services to regional eCommerce retailer and merchants.

Value propositions

TechnoDex offers a diverse clientele comprehensive consulting services in information technology.

Their culture, business puts people in priority: our customers, our employees and our employees.

Their expertise “Business / Technology” and our strong competence in major projects.