Sundeep Reddy Mallu

Sundeep Reddy Mallu is the head of analytics and hiring at Gramener.


Sundeep Reddy Mallu is the head of analytics and hiring at Gramener, which solves business problems for its clients by identifying data insights and presenting them as data stories.


Mallu advises executives at leading enterprises and NGOs on data science, helping organizations transform by building teams and adopting a culture of data.

Mallu’s journey started in 2003 by selling seeds at farmers’ meets. A stellar journey which has brought him to now delivering business value to Fortune 100 clients globally via custom Data Science solutions.

In his current role as SVP Analytics, Sundeep Mallu advises executives on 1) aligning their data science strategy with business vision, 2) building teams to apply advanced analytics and data visualization, and 3) helping businesses adopt a data-driven culture.

Likewise, as a TA head, he owns the hunt for great team players, across industries and school campuses, and attracts them to join Gramener.

Mallu has a diverse experience in client handling and working in multi-cultural teams across North America, Europe, Singapore and India. As an international speaker, he’s taken the stage at leading events conducted by organizations such as TEDx, O’Reilly Strata; and has conducted 100+ hours of corporate training and done guest lectures at B Schools.


In a recent interview, Mallu has spoken about digital transformation in India. He explained that:

“The storyline of Indian Digital Adoption is a rapid one. We have reached 670/680 active users in a very short period of time, and part of it is aggressive iteration by new telecom players and readiness in cost of data – Rs. 6 per GB, which is negligible compared to what you charge in US or UK, which is like $10 or £14 a GB. On an average in India today, YouTube is watched four hours a day. Because data is pretty cheap. You have telecom plans that would add 3/4 GB of data free for a day. And the bulk of the adoption that you see is primarily in the payments space and digital adoption.

So, in the payments space, Indian UPI, which is a Unified Payments Interface platform has really accelerated the adoption of digital payments. And in the last 3/4 years, they have garnered 60% of the whole payments cycle in the Indian space. So, while you see that mobile adoption has skyrocketed overall, and the consumption of content in bilingual languages has increased, the presence of that larger population on platforms like Twitter is still very minimal. Twitter is still Tier-1 Metro Tier1 city, an urban educated, inundated one. And ESG has a greater impact outside these metros. So, that’s the star distinction that you start noticing.”