SU Ventures

Startup program devoted to entrepreneurs.

SU Ventures (a sub-organisation of Singularity University) is the first startup program devoted to entrepreneurs who are using technology to solve humanity’s problems. It is a worldwide community of startups that use innovative technologies to answer global challenges.

“We believe Singularity University has one of the few well-positioned programs with solid management to execute the operations and help startup companies reach their goals”.

—Paul Mahal
CEO, Stanford Ventures, LLC


Founded in 2008, SU Ventures connects Silicon Valley with the best technology startups in innovation hubs worldwide. It connects the people, capital, and ideas that are set to deliver outstanding results in solving the challenges our world is facing.


Goals and Purpose

These people can provide startup members with insight, advice, support, and industry connections. 


Singularity University has 7 international campuses, 18 international summits, 127 chapters in 63 countries, and nearly 200,000 highly influential alumni, global faculty, visionaries, entrepreneurs, leaders, experts, imagineers, makers, mentors, investors, corporates, NGOs, movers,  policy-makers. SU Ventures holds a portfolio of 60 companies, of which mutual market capitalisation is over half a billion dollars.

One example of a startup funded by SU Ventures is Clinicai. Clinicai is producing devices that can be used at home, with embedded health tracking sensors that detect early signs of many illnesses. Their very first product is an at-home toilet monitor. This monitor can be used for detecting colorectal cancer; the product's design is based on AI and biotechnology for early disease discovery.

SU Ventures
Leadership team

Monique Giggy, Peter Diamandis, Raymond Kurzweil (Founders)

San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast
Not-for-profit, industry-led
Year stablished
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