SmartMoneyMatch is an investor and investment matching service


Smart Money Match is an investor and investment matching service connecting professionals and investment service providers. It is a network that connects the global investment community in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. Martin Signer is the current CEO.


4Finance Ltd. was founded on June 1, 2005, with the aim of providing consulting services, education and wealth management.

The idea of providing the matching platform came since we were frequently contacted by investors who were looking for specific investment types and asset managers wanting to present their investment offers.

They realized that in some circumstances the (lack of) information flow created huge inefficiencies from both sides and communication needed to be enhanced.

4Finance was always proud to offer real value added professional and entirely independent services for its clients. We regard independence and professionality as crucial, however, in some cases, they didn’t have the full expertise on specific investments to conduct the required due diligence. Hence the idea of providing a matching platform came up.

In the time of digitalization and Fintech, the team behind it wanted to digitalize and standardize what is repeatable, e.g. investments, for making pre-selection possible, giving options to mutually share due-diligence knowledge, indicate investment interests etc.

With this idea in the concept of the platform SmartMoneyMatch began that became live in January 2015.

SmartMoneyMatch was very well perceived in the market, and as the response was very positive; the feedback was incorporated for a new roll-out in January 2018 with some additional functionalities like jobs, events, member updates, due-diligence sharing etc.

As SmartMoneyMatch connects the global investment community they want to honor outstanding achievements in the investment industry through the SmartMoneyMatch awards program.

The Platform

The investment matching platform SmartMoneyMatch.com offers two main functionalities:

1. Investments can be classified analogous to eBay and according to these criteria you can offer or request investments. You can state what your supply or demand is and give other users the opportunity to search for supplied or demanded investments within the given criteria.

Additionally, a request for proposal (RFP) within the given criteria can be made, and potential suppliers can state which kind of RFP they are willing to receive in their inbox.

The classification for the investments fall in with the following criteria (with the respective sub criteria):

– Asset-Class with the respective sub criteria

– Investment vehicle (incl. consulting, congresses and research)

– Liquidity (type of market)

– Investment Focus

– Investment form (active/passive especially for funds)

– The legal structure with questions regarding distribution (e.g. in which countries for qualified/non-qualified investors, minimal investments etc.), currency, fees, track record etc.

2. Users can mutually connect with each other on the platform. This functionality is similar to LinkedIn focusing on relevant criteria for the investment industry (at registration, users can choose who will be able to see your information).

The criteria are:

– Are the user already a contact (like LinkedIn)

– What type of user he or she is: General/demander (investor) or supplier (e.g. asset manager)

– If an investor: Is he/she a qualified/accredited investor

– The assets under management (AuM) of the investors. As an investor the user can choose whether or not you want to reveal this information at registration.

– Home address (country)

– Possible communication language(s)

– Business trips e.g. in the user’s profile they can indicate when they are in at any time, to facilitate meetings/business trip planning.