Sandra Tobler

Sandra Tobler is an entrepreneur and IT specialist co-founder of Futurae.


Sandra Tobler is an entrepreneur and IT specialist co-founder of Futurae. She has worked for IBM in various international roles since 2007. In 2016, Sandra co-founded Futurae together with two PhDs from ETH Zurich’s System Security Group.

Futurae works on seamless end-user authentication and transaction confirmation. As board member of Startupticker and other engagements, Sandra continuously fights for better framework conditions for the Swiss startup ecosystem and in particular a thriving cybersecurity space in Switzerland.


Sandra Tobler is an entrepreneur who worked in the IT space for many years. She has worked for IBM in various international roles since 2007. She then joined S-GE and later the state secretary of foreign affairs where she built the expertise for the IT industry and consulted Swiss IT companies with internationalization strategies. She also opened for the organization an economic representation in San Francisco.

In 2016, Sandra co-founded Futurae together with two PhDs from ETH Zurich’s System Security Group.

Her company Futurae brings future-proof security to digital products. They modernise end-user authentication and PSD2 compliant transaction signing offering a platform of modular software and hardware based solutions for web and mobile banking and customer portals with user-centric novel approaches using sensor signals and privacy-preserving context. Futurae continuously adds modules to their offering, including transaction monitoring or protection for social engineering attacks.

Futurae today’s customers are in the financial and insurance industries like the Swiss stock exchange or the largest robo-advisor in Europe for whom they secure transactions, eBanking, mobile banking or customer portals, in telco, ehealth and hospitals and universities. Futurae was incorporated in Zurich by best-in-class Cybersecurity and usability researchers coming from the System Security Group of ETH Zurich. Futurae was named Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management, by Gartner and Cybertech100.

Sandra Tobler Accolades:

  • 2018 Futurae Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management, Gartner
  • 2019 Sandra was named for the second time in a row one of Switzerland’s 100 Digital Shapers by BILANZ magazine and ranked 4th in the list of Entrepreneurs of the Year (Handelszeitung/SKO)
  • 2020 Winner of the Efma-Capgemini Financial NewTech Challenge 2020 in the category “Retail and Commercial Banking”
  • 2020 Futurae listed among the World most innovative CyberTech 100 Companies, providing secure authentication to financial institutions.


I studied international relations and I have worked for IBM and S-GE and was in the last role responsible for the economic representation of the Swiss representation in San Francisco. In my roles at IBMI learnt a lot about the IT industry and solutions. Four years ago, I decided to start my own business, Futurae.

In my opinion, I would say that Switzerland has a great education system, really inclusive and qualitative compared to, for example, the US. With the COVID-19, there has been a boost in online education and edtech solutions and I think now also decision takers in the education sector understand that technology isn’t just a cosmetic thing but something that will have to stay longer.

Fintech and insurtech in Switzerland. There is a growing movement in fintech and insurtech, especially because of the financial heritage there is in Switzerland. That gave a strong understanding for the industry and foundation for new startups to appear. One big advantage of the Swiss Fintech ecosystem compared to other countries is again the financial heritage that entrepreneurs understand the industry in and out. Many of the first fintech builders and adopters were in fact experts coming from banks or institutions faced with legacy systems and issues around those. These moved to the fintech space to fix problems they have spotted in the traditional banking. For example, improvements in the customer experience, the adoption of new technologies, etc.

In cyber security you need to be sure you can act fast to address changing threat models. Since digital systems take over more and more compared to analog ones this is gaining increased importance and in banking and fintech this aspect is even more important compared to other industries. The old way of doing cyber security doesn’t work anymore. In the old days IT projects take months and years. With the modern exposures you need to work with services that can adapt in a lot faster way to those changes in operating system or threads. Login systems are still often outdated and do not provide the user experience users are expecting today.

Futurae Technologies AG Company Profile

Futurae Technologies AG was founded by ETH Zurich security researchers and business leaders (as an ETH spin-off) and offers a suite of adaptive modular multi-factor authentication and transaction signing tools that provide a high degree of security, all the while never compromising on the user experience while protecting the user’s privacy.

The suite offers a full range of authentication for Web and Mobile Application that grant companies complete flexibility i.e. from Hardware, to novel Software-based solutions together with protection from Social Engineering attacks. The innovative Adaptive-MFA using ubiquitous sensors, One-Touch, QR-Code (online and offline), TOTP, Single Device as well as IoT Authentication and Hardware token. In addition, Futurae human-centric technologies also enable swift and uncomplicated integration into a company’s existing infrastructure and reduce overall operating costs.

Futurae is focused on its strong MFA portfolio offering its leading-edge technologies as a SaaS offering or on-premise installation, as well as through its secure Mobile App, SDK, or White Label solution. With headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland – and a software stack engineered from scratch with the latest technologies – Futurae represents a local security partner that enables its customers global ambitions.

Futurae serves highly regulated companies, such as hospitals, eHealth companies, as well international companies in the financial services, education or public sector.

Futurae again amongst the world’s most innovative #CyberTech100 companies providing cyber defence to financial institutions.