Sameep Singhania

Sameep Singhania is a blockchain enthusiast and co-founder of Quickswap.


Sameep Singhania is a blockchain enthusiast and co-founder of QuickSwap. Due to his extensive experience in Blockchain, Singhania has been involved in different roles, such as lead developer at ParaSwap, blockchain developer at Bonded Finance and blockchain consultant at YourVCClub. QuickSwap has become the biggest decentralized exchange on Polygon, having reached a $1 billion valuation.


Sameep Singhania has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has been a professional programmer for the past 6 years. He is a Software Developer, Blockchain Engineer and consultant who enjoys working on exciting new projects and collaborating with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Sameep is a blockchain enthusiast who helps teams adapt their use cases to blockchain technology. Recently Sameep has been focusing on Blockchain Technology to devise strategies for business clients to adopt Blockchain technology to solve transparency and trust issues.

During his extensive career, Sameep, among others: designed and developed an Ethereum-based system for managing EHRs,
built the entire system’s architecture from blockchain to the front-end, developed smart contract architectures, launched an Ethereum-based private network running on POA consensus algorithm (Clique), and much more.

One of his main goals is to bring diversity to technology and promote widespread adoption of Blockchain Technology. He is the co-Founder of a Blockchain Development company and an active keynote speaker at the University of Malaya, University of Kuala Lumpur, Institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, and other MBA institutes.


In a recent interview, he spoke about his vision regarding Blockchain and the future of Polygon. He said: “right now, Blockchain is in its very early stages. We are just seeing, maybe 0.1% of what it could be. So, definitely, if you need some scalability, you have to, go away with security, and you have to make some compromises. We cannot have the best of all while the technology is still very new. Maybe in the coming years, we’ll see that. I think that’s what Polygon did. Not only Polygon, but all the solutions out there, except Ethereum, have made some kind of compromise to provide scalability because that’s how technology works right now. So, now it’s up to you, how scalable a product you want to build, and how secure you want to make it. And then you decide whether you want to choose Polygon or Ethereum. But, I would still say that out of all the solutions out there, Polygon is the best solution because it has hundreds of validators.”