RoundGlass is a global Wholistic Wellbeing company


RoundGlass is a global Wholistic Wellbeing company dedicated to empowering and enabling people on their personal wellbeing journey.

RoundGlass aims to revolutionize people’s wholistic wellbeing through a combination of technology, expert-driven content, and immersive experiences. They are committed to expanding wellbeing opportunities to everyone in every stage of their life’s journey.


RoundGlass was founded in 2014 by Sunny “Gurpreet” Singh. Other than that, the founder also leads Edifecs, a fast-growing healthcare company that now sells “enterprise software to more than 350 healthcare companies”.

With Edifecs, Singh’s goal was to tackle one of the knottiest challenges facing American business—healthcare costs. Through this work, he became intimately familiar with the healthcare system. There is an argument that in the American healthcare system, the main emphasis is on curing illness, instead of preventing it.

This is how Singh’s next goal was born: “To transform the prevailing reaction-based approach in the healthcare world to one that’s proactive, focused on prevention in addition to treatment”. This is the idea on which RoundGlass was based.

RoundGlass journey

The company launched in 2014.

In 2016, RoundGlass started “A funeral for the living: The Living Wake” initiative, to celebrate the people you love while they’re still here to hear it. It was covered by the Atlantic. Later the same year, the “Helping doctors help patients: RoundGlass Cross” was announced, a healthcare management app designed to streamline care. In 2017, RoundGlass opened their Wellbeing Center in Bellevue, offering free massage, acupuncture, personal training, nutrition, counselling, and more. Wellbeing Centers followed in all India offices in 2018 and 2019. What is more, the “Doctor to Doctor: RoundGlass Curofy” was created, a medical networking app that enables doctors to communicate with one another to diagnose and treat their patients faster.

The first RoundGlass music awards took place in 2018. It was an event to honour and celebrate a large, international community of musicians who dedicate their time and talent to create socially responsible music for wellness, environmental consciousness, and peace. The company also launched “In the habit: RoundGlass”, a web and app-based gamification and social collaboration to help users form healthy habits.

In 2019, RoundGlass started offering a “Chronic care: RoundGlass”, a digital diabetes management programme. Moreover, “The end is near: The first annual Love & Death event” was held at the Dutchess in upstate New York.

In 2020, RoundGlass started a new initiative: RoundGlass Sports.  It acquired Punjab FC with the goal of turning the Indian football club into a best-in-class academy rooted in the philosophy of wholistic wellbeing. In terms of coronavirus care, RoundGlass Foundation distributed food and hygiene supplies to 400-plus villages affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Most recently, the company created the RoundGlass App and Meditation Collective with meditation and mindfulness courses and content from world-wide coaches.


The main Collectives and Impact Initiatives are as described below:

RoundGlass Meditation Collective: RoundGlass argues that one can discover a new method to life through meditation, one that leads to more harmony, clarity, confidence, and joy. At RoundGlass, one can choose from a diverse lineup of meditation experts and luminaries from around the world.

The Foundational Meditation course is designed to help beginning meditators ease into a regular practice.

What the app offers:

“Wholistic Wellbeing at your fingertips”.

· Guided practices by world-renowned teachers

· On-demand courses, classes and live sessions

· Music to elevate your mindfulness practice

· Exclusive articles delivering a new perspective

RoundGlass End of Life (EOL) Collective: This product is helping people turn one of life’s taboo conversations into a deeply engaging, insightful, compassionate, and empowering experience.

What they offer:

End of Life Roadmap: According to RoundGlass “A simple tool to create a comprehensive end of life plan for you and your loved ones.” 

End of life focused events: Meditation sessions, workshops, large and small events, both online and in-person.

They also feature content from end-of-life experts, including people like Frank Ostaseski, a Buddhist teacher and a leader in the field of end-of-life care. He is the Guiding Teacher and Founding Director of Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco. AARP named him one of The 50 Most Innovative People over 50.


In sport, RoundGlass is enabling the development of young talent and passion and the power of teamwork in multiple sports, particularly football through RoundGlass Sports and the RoundGlass Punjab Football Club.

The environment

In environmental and planetary wellbeing, RoundGlass is focused on growing respect and love of nature and the beauty of the wild by showcasing the rich biodiversity of India through RoundGlass Sustain.


According to RoundGlass, their mission is to “inspire people to embrace a life of Wholistic Wellbeing to create a happier, healthier, and more joyful world”.


RoundGlass’s main vision is the vision of wholistic wellbeing.

According to the company’s founder, “wholistic wellbeing is something that everyone should follow because it makes one feel better; it is all about becoming a better person. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. The wholistic wellbeing notion explores all the verticals, channels, ways that one finds wholeness. This includes meditation, yoga, physical exercise, et cetera. Achieving wholistic wellbeing is like getting a degree in life”.

The main tenets of wholistic wellbeing, that RoundGlass is focusing on, are the following:

Physical wellbeing

One way in which RoundGlass promotes physical wellbeing is through the RoundGlass Sports initiative.

Emotional wellbeing

In this dimension, RoundGlass offers meditation help and courses, alongside the meditation app. We promote mindfulness.

Financial wellbeing

At RoundGlass, they believe that financial wellbeing comes from good financial habit education from the earliest years. The pursuit should not be a pursuit of money itself, but rather of one’s passions. Money should be the byproduct of one’s success in a particular domain.

Professional wellbeing

A satisfying work-life is at the heart of professional wellbeing.

Social wellbeing

In terms of social wellbeing, RoundGlass aims to teach their clients, for instance, how to survive grief.

Community wellbeing

According to the company: “Giving to others and being generous builds a caring and more plentiful outlook in our own lives which in turn, helps us improve our personal wellbeing”.

Planetary wellbeing

In the domain of planetary wellbeing, RoundGlass Sustain “dreams of a wilder, greener planet — one that is inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable — and respects every life form, big or small”. Their goal is a flourishing environment that can support everyone’s wellbeing journeys.

The mission to create a comprehensive record of India’s biodiversity is a long-term project, testimony to RoundGlass’s commitment to Wholistic Wellbeing. By creating a globally accessible treasury of wildlife images, videos, and information, RoundGlass Sustain hopes to encourage people to act to protect all of Earth’s wealth and diversity.


Sunny Gurpreet Singh (Founder)

Software and industrial engineering expert, wellbeing aficionado, and serial entrepreneur. Singh is the current CEO of Edifecs and founder of RoundGlass. He believes RoundGlass to be the ultimate life project of his.

After beginning his career working with companies such as Expeditors International and Microsoft, Singh started narrowing in on a goal: “To make healthcare delivery better for patients, caregivers, and professionals”. In 1996, he founded the company Edifecs and built it into a market leader in the global healthcare technology space. In 2014, RoundGlass was launched under his leadership.

Singh said in a recent youtube interview with Dinis Guarda that: “My vision with RoundGlass is to bring wholistic wellness solutions to the world. I want to teach people how to fish, show them how to live fulfilled and happy lives in the modern world”.

Prakriti Poddar (Global Head)

Global authority on mental wellness, the Global Head of RoundGlass and the Managing Trustee of Poddar Foundation / Poddar Wellness. Poddar works and focuses on mental health and wellbeing and marries technology and ancient wisdom to deliver contemporary and effective solutions and unleash people’s inner potential and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

She joined RoundGlass in 2020. In her role at RoundGlass as the Global Head for Mental Health and Wellbeing, she is actively involved in creating an integrated platform for *Wholistic Wellbeing*.

Ishita Kapur (General Counsel)

Lawyer and compliance officer based in India. Before joining RoundGlass in 2020, Kapur worked for Diageo – at the time of Diageo’s majority acquisition of United Spirits Limited.

As the Vice President & Senior Counsel of Diageo India, she sat on the Diageo India Leadership Team and lead a high performing team that provided legal partnership to the Manufacturing, Procurement & Supply Chain teams and managed the Real Estate portfolio of Diageo India and its subsidiaries.

Dr.Vishal Tahiliani (Vice President)

MD and health innovator. Tahiliani joined RoundGlass in 2015. He developed a practice management system Cross which is catering to Healthcare providers and patients connecting four Ps of the healthcare ecosystem from Payer, Provider (doctor, diagnostic and labs), Pharma and Patients through mobile Apps, Tabs, devices and IoT.