Quinn Studios Entertainment

Quinn Studios is a film production and post-production company.


Quinn Studios is a film production and post-production company based in Los Angeles. Quinn Studios continues the academy award-winning actor, Anthony Quinn’s, legacy in the fields of entertainment, the arts, and world peace.


Quinn Studios was created in 2012 by Valentina Castellani in memory of Francesco Quinn, her husband and son of oscar-winning actor Anthony Quinn, who died in August 2011. Quinn Studios continues the Quinn family legacy in the fields of entertainment, the arts, and world peace.

In 2012, Quinn Studios produced the TV documentary series “Life On A Bike” based on the Italian pro cycling tour Giro D’Italia, filmed across 11 countries. In 2014, Quinn Studio co-produced the movie “The Butterfly’s Dream”, a candidate for Academy Award and Golden Globe 2014, as Best Foreign Movie. Also winner of 13 International Awards. Quinn Studios also helped with the post-production of “The Square”, a documentary on the Egyptian conflict, which won all major International Awards, including the Directors Guild Award 2014, Sundance Film Festival 2014, Berlin Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival, and more. 

In 2016/17, Quinn Studios completed an award-winning Documentary film about Peace in the Middle East: “One Rock Three Religions”. “One Rock Three Religions” won the Human Rights Award, The US Congress Award Recognition for the film’s efforts to create a dialogue among countries, religions and ethnicities, the Jury Grand Prix at the Siena International Film Festival, The People Festival in NY as Best Documentary, The Impact DOCS Award and many others.

In 2017, they produced the Marketing campaign for the film “Augie” on the extraordinary life of Augie Nieto, the Steve Jobs of the Fitness Industry, directed by award-winning Director/Producer James Keach and produced to benefit the Augie Nieto Foundation: augiesquest.org devoted to finding a cure for ALS.

In 2018, Valentina Castellani, chairman of Quinn Studios, is one of the executive producers of the award-winning Film Documentary “Wonderful Losers”, a 2019 Academy Awards Candidate for Best Foreign Film and winner of 11 International Awards.

Mission and vision

As Castellani admitted in a recent interview, when looking for a story to tell in film, her vision is to:

“look for a story that stretches my limits, that makes me grow and learn new things. I look for a story that inspires me and will hopefully inspire others. A story with human spiritual content, a sense of courage and hope. I also believe that the right projects come to us in a sort of magical way. We are all destined for a journey, we just have to decide to walk through it, no matter the obstacles. Because when we make that decision, we discover our true selves through the journey”.


Valentina Castellani, Founder

Valentina Castellani is an award-winning film producer, president, and chairman of Quinn Studios Entertainment, which continues the legacy of academy award-winning actor Anthony Quinn, in the fields of art and entertainment.

Castellani was born in Florence, Italy, where her family owned the 1800s Opera House Theatre, the “Teatro Verdi”. Her Grandfather Riccardo Castellani was one of the most important producers and distributors of the Golden Era of Italian cinema. Growing up behind the stage, watching operas, plays and ballets, had a strong influence on her. She graduated from college, majoring in arts and design, and acquired a Master’s degree in Fashion Design at FIT in collaboration with the University of Florence, Fine Arts.

Castellani produced many academy awards candidate films, internationally recognized and distributed. She won the prestigious US Congress Award, The Human Rights Award, the English WIFTS Award as a “Visionary Producer” together with Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel and actress Gal Gadot.

Because of her ethical work as a producer, and her service to global society, Valentina Castellani was invited to speak at many international organizations, including, The US Congress, United Nations, UNESCO, and The YPO/Young President Organization and a number of international universities.