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PopUp Business School’s ethos is to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses


PopUp Business School’s ethos is to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses without the burden of debts and without business plans. Founded in 2012 by Alan Donegan and Simon Paine, PopUp has gone on to help over 7000 entrepreneurs in 4 continents to do more of what they love.

Pop-Up Business School has run courses in Namibia, Colorado, New Zealand and hundreds of  events all across the UK. They are an alternative business start up services that deliver workshops with huge energy and care that helps people make progress in their lives.


· understand writing a business plan is not for everyone

· believe you don’t need money to make money

· excite and inspire people to want to start a business

· deliver the latest online business models where people can make money from home

· Fun and passion are at the core of everything we do

· complement traditional business by engaging people they would never reach

· build the businesses with people in the workshops so they believe they can do it

· create a community that support each other long after we leave


Simon Paine – Co-founder and CEO

Simon is Co-founder and CEO who started PopUp with Alan in 2011. He spent ten years as a police officer and the next ten experimenting with business, the music industry and occasionally a proper job. He set up a centre for entrepreneurship, ran a regional enterprise service for Business Link before heading up client services for a leadership consultancy.

He has coached, trained and facilitated senior leaders from the World’s most famous companies including Microsoft, British Airways, and Thomson Reuters.

Outside of PopUp he is frontman of band, makes art, drinks coffee from the Yemen and cooks up new ideas – which includes being founder of forever27.co.uk. Also as a Dad of three boys he watches a lot of sport, operates an unlicensed parent taxi service and avoids DIY.

Alan Donegan – Co-Founder of PopUp Business School

Alan founded PopUp in 2012 with Simon Paine after they thought there must be a better way to start a business, without debt and without formal business plans. Alan decided he wanted to start PopUp to make sure that no one else went through the pain he went through starting up his business!

Since then, PopUp has gone on to help over 7000 entrepreneurs in 4 continents to do more of what they love.Nothing is more rewarding for Alan than seeing other people flourish. Alan’s past experience in business gives him the drive to enable anyone no matter their circumstances to live the life they want in personal and financial freedom.

Outside PopUp, Alan loves Marvel, making pizza and occasionally playing with Lego. He is also a regular speaker for the “Financial Independence, Retire Early” (FIRE) movement, which has given him the freedom to enact lifelong ambitions of writing movie scripts and travelling the world with his wife Katie as part of nomadic lifestyle.

Alan has recently launched his own personal blog (www.AlanDonegan.com) and now speaks around the world teaching the PopUp and FIRE methodologies and will combine the two when “The Rebel Entrepreneur” Podcast launches with ChooseFI in 2020.








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