PEP automatically identifies, gathers and categorises publicly-available, online feedback to track patient experience.


Using sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI), PEP Health (Patient
Experience Platform) listens to and understands
what patients think about their care across social media
and online review sites. PEP creates real-time insights to
drive improvements in care and save costs. Since
2018, over 10 million discrete public comments have
been collected, covering every UK hospital. The Patient Experience Platform (PEP) automatically identifies and gathers millions of items of publicly-available feedback from a variety of online platforms including social media. PEP’s custom algorithms categorise and score the feedback providing a proven, accurate and unbiased summary of what patients really think.


What can PEP do? Providers:
Quickly and easily understand what your patients are saying about the quality of your care across multiple platforms.
Easily recognise and learn from outstanding areas of care, whilst rapidly identifying and correcting safety concerns or areas for improvement before they worsen. Insurers & Commissioners:
Identify and monitor which providers your patients are most satisfied with, and those where you may to re-evaluate existing arrangements.
Use feedback to demonstrate the quality of your service over that of your competitors.