Patamar Capital

Patamar Capital (formerly known as Unitus Impact) is a venture capital firm.


Patamar Capital (formerly known as Unitus Impact) is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage businesses that primarily serve the “mass market” in South and Southeast Asia.

Beau Seil, Managing Partner of Patamar Capital said about the name change: “Our new name is inspired by sailing vessels used across the Indian Ocean – we believe it perfectly reflects our solid commitment to helping entrepreneurs transport their success to other fast-growing markets across Asia.”

Mission and investments

Patamar Capital (in the past Unitus Impact) exists to open better financial doors for Asia’s low-salary networks. The firm accomplishes unrivalled returns for its accomplices by putting resources into and supporting early-stage, high-development organisations tackling South and Southeast Asia’s most pervasive issues at scale. Patamar Capital’s worldwide group situated in Bangalore, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta and San Francisco has investments crosswise over six nations and sectors including farming, instruction, human services, monetary administrations, and worker benefits.

Summary of Key Results and Investment Activities

Investments in the range of US$ 200,000 – 300,000 for 6-8 women’s SMEs across Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Training and mentoring for 24 women’s SMEs in Indonesia, in partnership with Kinara Indonesia.

Early-stage investments of US$ 25,000 as part of the acceleration program.

Co-investments promoted from investors within Patamar Capital’s network.

2-3 women trained to work in the Southeast Asian venture capital and impact investing space, as members of Patamar Capital’s team.

Investment in women

Patamar Capital is collaborating to back the development of women SMEs in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Concentrated on improving access and control of financial assets for women, the collaboration focuses on: 1). Investments in early and development stage women SMEs; 2). Women’s SME Acceleration Program for the extension of beginning period organisations; and 3). Direct Management Support to source and close bargains.

“We are very hopeful and excited with this partnership, as it takes us a step further in creating interventions that address major issues both on the demand and supply side for impact investments into women SMEs,” shares Beau Seil, Managing Partner at Patamar Capital. “We are also looking forward to gaining more experience in further developing and applying gender lens investment tools and strategies into our long-term investment strategies“, he adds.