Or Lenchner

Or Lenchner is a tech entrepreneur and CEO of Bright Data.


Or Lenchner is a tech entrepreneur and a web and technology enthusiast. He is currently the CEO of the world-known web data platform Bright Data, and in 2020, he became an official member of the Forbes Technology Council. 


Ever since he became CEO of Bright Data, he’s helped to expand the company’s market base as an online data collection platform dedicated to delivering complete web transparency.

Furthermore, for the past three years, under Lenchner’s leadership, Bright Data has advanced its product offerings to include first-of-its-kind automated solutions, enabling its customers to collect and receive data in a matter of minutes. Among Bright Data’s thousands of customers are Fortune 500 companies, major e-commerce firms and sites, prominent finance firms, leading security operators, travel sites, academic and public sector organizations.

Prior to his career at Bright Data, Lenchner founded and managed several web-based businesses, developing digital assets and online marketing programs. Initially joining Bright Data as head of product development, Lenchner’s career and evolution at the company has been driven by his firm belief in a transparent, ethical-by-design web environment that contributes to an open, competitive market benefitting both businesses and society as a whole.

What is Bright Data?

Bright Data Inc is a leading web data platform. Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and small businesses all rely on Bright Data’s solutions to retrieve crucial public web data in the most efficient, reliable and flexible way, so they can research, monitor, analyze data, and make better decisions.


According to his LinkedIn profile, Lenchner’s vision is about data transparency.  I firmly believe that data is like water, should be transparent and available to all, always. My mission is to shine a bright light on the internet, making it transparent again”.



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