My Vista

Vista is a customer experience management platform


Vista is a customer experience management platform, that empowers people in any service industry to deliver tailored and premium REAL world experiences for its customers. Vista is the first platform of its kind that will use explicit customer preference data to power pull rather than push-based customer interactions. Today, customer service is largely reactive and centred around the most recent purchase, issue or information request. Their vision is to fundamentally shift this paradigm and empower customer service agents to become revenue generators enabled by high-quality consumer preference data that is explicitly shared not taken.


For businesses, Vista combines a customer’s personal preferences together with proximity and timeliness of action. Vista’s AI-driven messaging application will determine “next best action” for customer service agents together with contextualized templated responses aimed at delivering scale and efficiency.

They have developed an MVP, which took over 2 years to build.

Product has been tested in the market and they achieved over 40% incremental spend and 20% retention in customer retention, with just 1200 users.

They are now back in development, with the aim to go to Market in summer 2021 in time for the loosening of travel restrictions.

VISTA is applicable to multiple markets but our GTM strategy is to focus on the Luxury Hospitality and Retail secures.

This will allow Vista to create the most lucrative test cases but also create the network effect that can be created by targeted that segment.

They are currently developing our Booking Engine in partnership with Microsoft.

They are also moving our data to OwnCloud, an MIT data infrastructure that is more accessible and consumer-friendly to Blockchain.


Vista’s mission is to create the first secure Data platform for the customer-centric world. Full transparency, full control, delivering a truly personalised life.

“When we speak about what the future of retail looks like, this is it”

– Paul Smith, Fashion Designer

“We have never seen anything like this – when we meet yearly and discuss the future of hospitality, it looks a lot like this”

– Zully Reiz – President of Alumni, of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne


Rupert Runewitsch – Founder

After being in adland for 15 years and working in some of the best creative shops and consultancies (glue Isobar, Leo Burnett, VaynerMedia, MediaLink) Rupert recently turned all his attention to be a tech entrepreneur, with his venture Vista being back by his previous employer, Gary Vaynerchuk.

He said about the project: “Vista was founded on the premise that, today we are so used to our online worlds being personalized through our data but as soon as we step into the real world, brands do not have the ability to personalize. Vista bridges that gap.”