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MyVista is a customer experience management platform, that empowers people in any service industry to deliver tailored and premium Real world experiences for its customers. Vista is the first platform of its kind that will use explicit customer preference data to power pull rather than push-based customer interactions. Today, customer service is largely reactive and centred around the most recent purchase, issue or information request.


MyVista was founded in 2018 by Rupert Runewitsch and Nick Smyth to solve the digital identity crisis. "Vista was founded on the premise that, today we are so used to our online worlds being personalized through our data but as soon as we step into the real world, brands do not have the ability to personalize. Vista bridges that gap.", said Rupert Runewitsch. After being in adland for 15 years and working in some of the best creative shops and consultancies (glue Isobar, Leo Burnett, VaynerMedia, MediaLink) Rupert turned all his attention to be a tech entrepreneur, with his venture, MyVista, being back by his previous employer, Gary Vaynerchuk. MyVista launched MYP, a platform that took over two years to build, soon after establishing itself. The platform tested effectively in the markets, encouraging the makers to innovate even further. Since 2021, after the worldwide COVID restrictions eased, the company is more focussed towards the luxury hospitality and retail sectors. Partnering with some of the elite establishments in the world, like Microsoft and MIT, MyVista is progressing towards building a reliable platform with blockchain.


MyVista’s mission is to create the first secure data platform that is customer-centric, a world full transparency, full control, delivering a truly personalised life.


The company's trademark is "People deserve the best". This is also their driving vision while empowering its clients (in any service industry) to deliver tailored and premium REAL world experiences for their customers.

Recognition and Awards
MyVista is verified with Forbes Travel Guide, and is proud to partner with Microsoft and DIF. A proven & experienced team, MyVista deliberately relies on experts with a broad scope of backgrounds, ranging from hospitality to IT and artificial intelligence. MyVista Partners have access to a full-service platform, which enables them to engage and deliver hyper personalised customer service. MyVista partners also receive commission free bookings from MyVista Members as well as the most up-to-date data profiles.

MyVista Inc.
Leadership team

Rupert Runewitsch (Founder)

Nick Smyth (Co-Founder )



Products/ Services
AI-driven messaging application
Numbers of Employees
0 - 50
Los Angeles, California, United States
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