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A human innovation training and development firm.


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Luman is an agency of industry leaders who bring a breadth of experience driving innovation and coaching future business executives.


Luman was founded in 2015 and functions as a human training and development firm. Customised to the user's needs, they offer education solutions, from keynotes and introductory classes to full immersive transformational experiences, where participants get to know themselves in new ways, learn what stands in their way of thriving, and how they could build habits to actively cultivate their aspirational selves.


Their mission is to use human transformation to spark innovation, and business as a tool to create the future.


The company's vision is to "set the pace for continuous learning and let the catalysts lead the change rather than reacting to it".

Recognition and Awards
Luman can boast business partners from Enterprise Development Group, through AIM, to Exoworks.


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Luman Group Inc
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Tirza Hollenhorst (Founder)


Media and Communications

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Professional Training & Coaching
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0 - 50
San Francisco, United States
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