Lisa Short

Lisa Short is a founder and a world famous thought leader in edtech.


Professor Lisa Short is recognised as one of the top thought leaders and influencers in the world to follow for her work in digital tech, blockchain, crypto assets and EdTech. Lisa is a preeminent innovator, systemic change digital technology analyst, strategist & design ecosystem thinker with vast international experience founding & managing multiple companies and significant cutting-edge digital technology, value chain improvement projects, across different industry segments, and global markets including UK, APAC, Africa, Singapore, Europe & UAE.


Professor Lisa Short is a preeminent authority and thought leader in frontier digital technology systems, design thinking, behavioral economics, education, transformational change, blockchain and crypto. She is an internationally renowned and highly regarded innovator with vast international experience founding and managing multiple companies and developing Patents for significant cutting-edge digital technology and value chain improvement projects, across different industry segments, and global markets including UK, APAC, Africa, Singapore and Europe.

As Founder of Mind Shifting, Co-Founder of P&L Digital Edge Ltd [UK], ATaaS Ltd and Africa Agri Tech Ltd [UK] Lisa is continually at the driving force of technological change that delivers a better place to live and work. Lisa’s career excellence has earned her the international reputation of a world-leading authority on 21st Century and 4IR transversal and psychosocial skills – the underpinning skills and capacities for the future of work and learning, including digital and frontier technology skills.

Professor Short’s forward-thinking digital expertise and relentless passion for advancing futuristic technology have earned her the respect and admiration of industry peers and around the world. These commitments and talent in the digital sector have not gone unnoticed, as Professor Short is recognised as one of the Top 150 Women B2B Thought Leaders in the World [2021], Top 100 B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow [2020], Top 50 Thought Leaders and Influencers in the World to Follow for her work in digital technology, blockchain, crypto assets and EdTech, by Thinkers 360, Intelligent HQ, Intellyx and the Innovative Economy.

Lisa is regularly invited and sought for her expertise to analyse and resolve some of the most pressing complex and difficult socio-economic challenges.  This work regularly takes her to present on the world stage including defining moments such as the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and multiple invitations and media recognition, including UN TV, for her work leading Blockchain for Impact for the United Nations General Assembly; delivery of Policy and Strategy for the APPG Blockchain & AI at Westminster Parliament; podcasts and media recordings including A View from the Bar, The 36 Group, Cryptonites and The Innovative Economy.

A highly respected authoring and international academic and research contribution spotlights perfectly the many applauded, and successful initiatives Lisa has founded, established and leads globally. Professor Short is the appointed Chief Research Officer of the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research [GFCyber] and their Group Chair for CySME a special interest group focussing on cyber health for SME’s. Lisa also regularly shares her passion for advocacy for gender parity and Women in Tech where she has presented at the United Nations and 65th Commission on the Status for Women as a Delegate for UN Women UK. 

With digital transformation at the forefront of her agenda, Professor Short is highly sought after to be booked as a key-note speaker for a variety of conferences, podcasts, webinars and private events. This includes knowledge sharing at universities from across the globe, The United Nations,  the Kairos EU Summit, World Blockchain Summits [MENA & Moscow], official Africa Day Celebrations, EdTechX EU, BlockchainLive, International Conference of Immersive Learning [Westminster], LearnIT World [London], World Youth Day [Yucatan], International Cyber Security Expo [London], Ageing Asia Innovation Forum [Singapore], Cambridge Education Festival and WISE Summit Paris. 


Lisa is keenly interested in geopolitical and global economics and her paradigm is change must be in a world, where we achieve the Sustainability Goals and build our future together with international collaboration as one community, with parity across gender, age, education, innovation and an environment that respects global citizenship. In a recent interview, she shared her vision on edtech:

“There should not be an educational institution on this planet that is not issuing their credentials on a blockchain. What’s lacking is their motivation and education, knowledge on how to do it. Well, they might think that’s only a small change. No, it’s not actually. Because, if you can issue a credential on a blockchain, first of all, it gives it credibility and lifelong immutability. And I can use that credibility as an individual for employment, for further education, for risk management etc, obviously get rid of fraud and corruption, and all of those sorts of things. But also it’s efficient. I could reduce the cost of credential issuance by greater than 75% by that one task.”