Linfinity is a total supply chain blockchain company registered in Singapore.


Linfinity started in 2017. One thing to note is that even though they are a blockchain-focused company, they never did an ICO.

They have worked with different countries advising them about how to implement functional blockchain platforms and, especially, blockchain technology in supply chain systems. Linfinity’s CEO, Anndy Lian: “What I learned during that time is that working for governments is much more important than working for the private sector as we can really help a whole country to step up and improve their systems. It is very satisfying to do it. That is ultimately our goal with Linfinity, we want to help the adoption and widespread literacy about blockchain and cryptocurrencies”.


With the revolution of the blockchain technology and experience of Linfinity R&D and product implementation teams’ service experience for both domestic and international Fortune 500 enterprises distributing in the industries of food, tobacco, clothing, medicine and so on, Linfinity aims to solve these current problems and will continue to iterate and update the current informatization solutions to expand to more industries and cross-industry customers based upon the practical experience, such as consultation service and informatization solution R&D and implementation. In the meanwhile, they will develop more brand-new interest allocation models under the secure and reliable new cooperation models by improving business ecosystems combined with our LFT token, correctly aligning the incentives for all participants involved in the system.