Linda Grasso

Chief Operating Officer at Digital Business Innovation Srl


Linda is Chief Operating Officer at Digital Business Innovation Srl, an Italian Innovative Startup active in the world of R&D Consulting. She’s an Industrial Engineer passionate in Digital Transformation and her mission is managing Business Projects in Tech & Innovation fields through the use of both Operational and Strategic Planning Approach. Linda strongly believes in empowering Women in Tech and their Leadership Skills for a Better Sustainable Future.


Linda is an Industrial Engineer passionate in Digital Transformation and STEM. After Honors Degree at “Università di Napoli Federico II”, Linda started pursuing a business career that combines Emerging Technologies and Engineering Doctrine. She manages many projects in different fields, eg – Healthtech, Insurtech, IoT & Buildings – through the use of both operational and strategic planning approaches.


“I am based now in Naples, Italy. The B2B influencer field is not so well developed in this part of the country. It wasn’t easy for me to get my boots off the ground. Most influencers are based in the north of Italy, which is the economic center of Italy. I saw a gap in the B2B influencer marketing market here. I have always been a person that loves to discover new things. I can say that I am a science person and I have studied engineering. After I finished my studies I started working for a digital business company. In this company and partnering with my father what we wanted to do is to help other companies achieve digital transformation. Something really related to digital transformation is digital marketing, and B2B influencer marketing is part of it. It has been a long passion of mine and decided to move there.”


About Italy

“There are good opportunities here, with a thriving startup and entrepreneurial pool. I have seen a broad mentality now, with many companies looking abroad, realizing that we are in a globalized world. However, there is a strong feeling that there are more and better opportunities outside Italy so we are actually losing talent. That is something my company is trying to tackle. By helping companies develop and adapting digital processes we can create attractiveness for new talent so they don’t need to migrate. ”

About Digital Business Innovation

“We are working with companies using cutting edge AI for healthcare. We are also working with a company working with IoT and the automobile sector. Also working with a very interesting company creating solutions in the civil engineering sector, which is very important in Italy as we have a problem with earthquakes.  We are also working with companies from abroad, trying to learn from other cultures and more importantly, business cultures and create better processes that we can then promote here in Italy.

About B2B Influencer Marketing

“When I ask my friends about what they think an influencer is they always tell me about Chiara Ferragni. That is actually the vision we have for what an influencer is. In fact, there is a strong focus on B2C influencer marketing but very little about B2B. The first thing about being a B2B influencer is to really know each other, this constant communication between influencers and brands. Once both visions are aligned, there are good synergies, they need to find the best ways to engage with their audience. Once this collaboration is created it can leverage powerful effects, beneficial of course. We are actually seeing a lot of growth in this sector, especially after the impact of the pandemic. Many brands rely on influencer marketing to reach potential clients, creating networks, reaching brands to each other, etc.”

Empowering women in tech

“One of my goals is to make a better world. As a young woman, I want to create a better world for tomorrow. Not everything has to be about making money no matter what the cost. We can use technology to make a better world. One of the focuses I am really into is empowering women in tech. I have experienced first hand how the tech industry is so unbalanced in terms of women and men ratios. As a tech woman myself, I know how important it is to bring more women into this sector, and not only in tech but in business. That is basic for our future, we need more women involved to make sure that our future is created by and for everyone, without exceptions.”